Monday 27th April

Food wise today didn't go well, I ordered the vegetarian no chili roll and end up with pork & chili. The pork I took out, though chili was embedded in my teeth! 20mins at the sink and then I inhaled a handful of candy to cover it up. We are not eating there again!

The play went well in that no one died, via electrocution - there was a huge bowl of water very close to the power point and lights... I played a variety of characters, one of which was 'the lone dine' which discussed being alone but not lonely.


Someone has ruined waffles for me for life I think. We're apparently going through a separation as he feels the summary of our differences are larger than similarity, and that we have different goals in life. e.g. Being happy vs making lots of $$$$$$$$$$$$$. I do feel special that he took a sick day to come tell me this in person.

Sometimes our differences may be less in quantity but higher in importance. 

Didn't feel so great after that so we went home instead of working on projects due tomorrow. Home to Lucy for a hug, who would never leave me. We took a nap which turned out to be a bad decision.

On punt rd there are serviced apartments advertised as lux + affordable XD those two thing don't belong in the same paragraph, unless your idea of affordable comes from the position of Harvey Specter.

This week's event was a MSO Muso Illustration Workshop. Drawing portraits of others in the room, with our left hand, w/o lifting the pen from paper, with our eyes closed, and getting someone else to guide your hand. Getting the facial features inside the face is pretty good for me :P. Some people were amazing! And someone drew Aang.

Afterwards we went for a stroll to San Churro to sample some of new items on their winter menu. Read all about it here. The tiramisu was delicious!


We were up at 7am, though Lucy wanted a hug and I wanted to go to the dog show and suddenly it was 2pm!

Confirmed the clipboard is lost. HQ never received it so someone took it or threw it in the bin. Hoping it was the later because inside was my address, email, number, phone book and timetable. With that you can stalk me very well! I hate letting people borrow things! Need to get that as a tattoo on my hand!

After the dr went for a walk to morman's side of the river to try to recreate a picture I saw. Didn't happen. Should have bought the reference picture. But I did see three little ducks/birds and two black swans. I have never actually seen a white one in nature irl.

I saw these in the window of a bookshop! 

Son of a ... actually I'm certain it was a girl. No boy would chew pink fruity gum. We need a ban on it like Singapore. So the gum was under and on the edge of the table. I sat there and ended up with it all over my skirt! How does a client feel if I turn up w/o pants and in lingerie (under my coat)? So we had to stop and buy another skirt on the way to the meeting! Bitch is going down if I ever find out who it is. Gum is on my top three most hated things about college. Along with girls who I can see are either wearing a g-string or no underwear at all. Pants around your ass is also back in for boys. And people ask why I can't find a nice boy at school... 

This week was a blurr. A bad one. Le beau wanted to take a break on Tuesday. Afterwards he drove me home because I needed a hug from bunny. We took a nap and it was Wednesday 10pm. Thursday we had school, but I missed a step and got lost. The teacher didn't show me where we were up to. A few weeks ago I missed a class, and that's where I stated to get lost. She advised me to take the class again next semester, but Friday 9am ain't going to happen. A clipboard I learnt to someone for work was stolen/thrown out. And some bitch put gum on the side of the table, and got it all over my skirt (now in the freezer). 

Dinner went much better. A buffet at Angliss Restaurant, 
the fourth in a series of visits, hence our lack of food posts.


I like days that start after lunch and go till midnight. The day started with buying dinner at Roll'd, surprisingly the girl who served me speaks fluent English. I love that! 

We had the b with beef, which was ok. 70% vermicelli was a no go with me though... but we also had seafood spring rolls with that net covering instead of pastry, and it was delicious! Oh how I do wished they were available on every corner like hot chips. 

Next was ice cream! Coconut sorbet from Popstic by the river, it was delicious! Jas says coconut water is like crack to me, I love it! The sorbet wasn't icy or too sweet as sometimes they are, instead it was perfect, especially with a squeeze of lime and drizzle of coventure dark chocolate. Sadly today was the last day of that flavour as we move into winter. 

Tonight event featured the epic Beethoven: The 1808 Vienna Concert. Five hours including two intervals. Tickets start from $130 and were almost sold out. No.6 was what we started with, the Japanese Orchestra had a Barbie Concert and used this piece in their promo ad. I love this piece, and Barbie (Princess era). 

Coffee Break!

After the break was the 5th, the first four notes is Beethoven's signature. Four notes so simply but powerful. While everyone has heard the 5th, not all have heard it live. Add this to your bucket list. It's amazing.

It's high! It's very high! What if the building leans forwards?! 

At some point someone touched me, and I was hit with a case of OCD, I felt contaminated and had to run off for a shower and change my clothes. I do not handle being touched very well. He poked me several times, quit trying to distract me! I may have also had a mini breakdown , curled up into a little ball and cried... The empty seat next to me where le beau would have been didn't help either. 

After the concert we went for crepes, salted caramel as always. They still taste nice but the magic is gone. Probably won't get them again. 


Sunday was slightly productive. Didn't feel like going to the dog show as we missed the show I really wanted to see. Spent 2hrs sewing on the backing for a necklace, as the glue gun dried too fast for me to work with, and without the backing the necklace was scratchy.

Didn't do much. Father offered me $20 to turn the music off and go buy the cd and listen to it in my room. At home we don't listen to music, it's not something we do. And we certainly don't encourage the arts, only what is essential to life. Hobbies aren't one of those things, nor is dancing. Why dance with others, when you can dance alone at home for free?

Since we didn't go to the city we went dancing instead, but still didn't hit the 5k goal. We waltzed! Which I like. Conversations with morman, on auto reply with interesting. I said something and he said that's excellent. O.o It wasn't excellent, nor did we have a great time. You weren't listening! To that he did admit. I either caught him at a bad time (never been good at timing) or he's pushing me away. Something interesting did happen! I fell, tripped over my feet during a turn. It hurt. I have a bruise on my knee, but I fell on my ass... and morman totally saw me, so did his parents and a quarter of the room. Good thing no one knew I stepped on a leaf, slipped and fell into the bushes on my way in!

Next week shall be better.

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