This post contains a series of visit over a month. 

Have you ever thought of having a lunch or dinner catered by a school? While discussing a blog on savy student's saving tips (not for my blog, but a friends btw) I came across an offer on my feed. Angliss Restaurant had a 50% off food purchases during the month of April.

Much like how hairdressers, beauty services, dentists and physios have students in training offering cheaper services to the public, Angliss which runs hospitality courses has a training cafe (lunch spot), bakery and restaurant. 

The 1st Visit - Tues 14th April (Dinner)

During the comedy festival was our first visit for dinner, and the only time when our waiter wasn't that good. Dinner longer than expected due to confusion and newbie waiter, she was nice though didn't understand some of the questions, though I do ask a lot of questions. I remember this, not only because I took notes, but because of this we were late to our next event.

We ordered the three course dinner, which includes tea/coffee for $35. Though we paid around $18, thanks to the special offer. Even though $35 is a great price for a three course meal and a coffee/tea, and they even offer hot chocolate if that's more of your thing. 

This is more of an info about the promo post rather than review, as one of us doesn't like to contribute to reviews... unless it's a rare event where I've been invited, and he knows he won't be invited again if he doesn't contribute.

Sweet corn soup, corn fritters, spring onion oil, fresh coriander

I love soup, and when I cook we shall have it every night! I also love corn. The soup was creamy and delicious! Oh and it was fresh, everything freshly made, nothing from a can. As an American we love convenience and yes soup comes from a can/power mix. I love going out to dinner!

Smoked chicken ballottine, salad of potato, apple and radish, date puree, watercress

Meanwhile jas had the beautifully styled something stuffed in chicken and kid-friendly salad, not featuring much green things. He didn't recommend this dish, and that was on a good night. 

Braised beef cheek, lentil du Puy, potato cream, onion rings, Port sauce

Jas's main remind me of his last dish, potato (in the form of chips) and steak. Though we traded up for beef cheek and a fancier version. He said this dish was good. Yes that's all he said.

Confit Duck leg, ragout of chestnuts, shallots & parsnips, 
polenta chips, heirloom carrot, pistachio, jus gras

I love duck, though it's always an expensive dish so we don't have it much. This dish was delicious, the chestnuts, jus and most fascinating polenta chips which I've heard of though never had. Two chips = portion control, the dietitian would be happy with that. Why are the carrots black/brown? I accidentally ate the "green" top, not nice. I think I just ate a plant. Carrot tastes fine though. 

Did you know heirloom means organic local produce, not mass produced stuff you buy at the supermarket? Fancier places uses it. 

Chocolate and raspberry parfait, textures of chocolate, raspberry gel

Dessert! Jas was set on what to me is a fancy chocolate mousse with freeze dried raspberries from B&P, there were fresh ones too. 

Banana Split - caramelized banana mousse 
with hazelnut dacquoise, caramel glaze, chocolate syrup

I was conflicted, the awesome LuxBite sounding asian tiny different elements and flavours or banana mousse. Our waitress recommenced the banana, as it's sweeter, so that yuzu/bk sesame one we'll get next time.

I have never had a mousse that wasn't chocolate before, and so this was something new and beautiful. It's a rectangle of very yummy banana mousse with a green nut base (think like pie crust base) with some dark chocolate sauce on the side. Literally on the side, for easy of consumption I prefer it drizzled over, but tonight's style was fancy. This was delicious! And the highlight of the night for me. 

We're definitely coming back, for lunch hopefully, to get different lighting. The menu's the same, and prices similar, lunch is $4 cheaper.

The 2nd Visit - Thu 16th April (Lunch)
Charlie dined as a guest of Angliss Restaurant.

On this day with lovely weather we had lunch at Angliss. A set menu.

Braised beef cheek, lentil du Puy, potato cream, onion rings, Port sauce. 

I think I've had my protein/iron for the week with this very generous size serving. The beef was soft and moist with lots of fat, something I'm not used to, and so I'm a bit meh with this dish. Ok I don't like it, but others might. Flavours were a bit flat. 

Chocolate and raspberry parfait, textures of chocolate, raspberry gel

Dessert was the choc raspberry mousse, the same Jas had, though with a slice of green chocolate on top. We zoomed in on the texture and I'm most fascinated how they get all that pattern/detailing on it. Screen printing for chocolate? Anyway it was delicious, I'm not really a fan of pure/plain choc mousse, but I do love raspberries. If you love mousse and chocolate this is the one for you. I still prefer the banana mousse though.

I was offered a drink, lemon lime bitter which was nice, I love the gradient and have no idea how they do that. I really like soda, though don't have it often so this was nice.

The 3rd Visit - Thu 23rd April (Dinner)

Dinner at Angliss Restaurant, now I can say I've sampled most of the menu, well 2 entrees and all 3 mains/desserts. 

Karaage fried quail, creamed coconut rice, shitake mushroom, chilli lime caramel

Quail tastes like chicken, but everything is smaller. I thought the coconut rice was mash potato, bland being low on butter. This dish was average. 

Jas had the corn soup. He says "Soup was fantastic. Corn fritter really nice had bits of sweet corn in them really sweet and nice. Herb oil. Spring onion infused oil really nice because it lighten and added a refreshing twist to the taste. Soup well presented and perfect. Top notch. " Yes he really does talk like that. There's a reason he's not trusted to write, and it's not because he won't do it unless nagged to death.

Herbed crusted Fish, babaganoush, Provençal vegetables, bois boudran vinaigrette

The fish was white and reminds me of the fish & chip variety, it was plain but sandwiched between herbs on top and an eggplant mash underneath. It was better than the quail and very healthy. Last week's duck was better though. :P

With my recommendation he had the duck as his main, on which he said "It was fine, too salty. Parsnip over cooked." It looks quite dry, and not like what I had, but I didn't see the other side of the plate or he didn't offer me the view...

Caramel pineapple, coconut and yuzu gel, green tea sponge, 
candied black sesame, pepper pineapple sorbet

Towards the end of mains I was crashing and so dessert looked like potato dauphin aka potato with some creamy sauce, and the pineapple looked like potato too!

But there was no potato :P instead it was asian inspired/themed, sounds like something LuxBite would create. I definitely tasted the peppery kick. The pineapple didn't really have caramel, and the sponge a bit dry.

Jas has the banana mousse for dessert and said... " Dessert melted. Really nice dessert texture. Presentation dead. Sharp shape lost. Left on bench too long. Base soggy. Banana center stage. Not mousse more like cream."

The One I Had the Other Week

I thought it was hilarious! That the dessert had melted. Sent a picture to le beau who asked if I attempted to recreate what I ate last week. Commenting that I did very well with the colour and elements. Jas said we had the b grade team in the kitchen tonight.

Crashing and heading back to work we had coffee, well a mocha for me. At 6am I was dancing and doing karaoke... oh gawd. The coffee high lasted from around 9.20pm to 9am!  It's 1pm and I need a nap time... I got half an hour before heading off to a meeting, event and then study session with le beau.

The mochas here are strong!

The 4th Visit - Fri 1st May (Buffet Dinner)

Every now and then Angliss offered a buffet lunch/dinner, and it was recommended to me and so we made a booking for four one night. 

Each course closed up at staggered times, this means in stages. The boys wanted round 3 of entrees but they were closed by the time they were ready. 

I had carrot/cumin soup as an entree, it was nice but reminded too much of indian food. 
Also had a giant spring roll, oddly filled with vermicelli.

Mary's second entree. She was the only one who let me take pictures of her food.

Mains I tried a bit of almost everything. Prawns were fun... I love them but they are hard to eat. There was salmon & kingfisher, potato salad, brown rice salad and other things I forget. 

Dessert was the best! Carrot cake, choc cake, sticky date cake, pavlova, alcoholic jelly shots, very dark choc mousse, poached pears, strawberry/melon salad churros. Probably a couple I missed there.

My favourites were the carrot cake (just missing walnuts), pavlova (missing cream) and sticky date. The last one was the best, and everyone agreed. Didn't try the poached pear as that was popular and jas ate mine, when I actually offered him half. He has yet to make it for me, and it'll take a while, like anything with him. 

The buffet was $18-ish per person (we had a discount, normally $35). Recommended? I'm indifferent about it, as I prefer the set menus on the good day. It really does vary depending on who's in the kitchen.

All the tables are round designed for at least four. White tablecloth, I'm accident prone. 

I see dinning for one here a bit scary, with the huge tables and high ceilings and all. But I'm going to do it anyway!  

Service was great, everyone was friendly. We're definitely coming back to try other things and for the buffet. And I'm adding this to my list of great places for an affordable group/work dinner! 
I read that William Angliss students  normally receive a 25% discount off their food bill.

Difference between lunch & dinner is are prices. Lunch is cheaper. Menus are the same. Angliss is open only for weekdays, lunch & dinner, but check their website and always book.

Fun Fact - Someone I know was expelled from Angliss for not turning up. Guess who? Meanwhile I didn't pass the crazy competitive girl-world group interviews. I wasn't passively aggressive enough.

Have you been to Angliss or any other training restaurants?  

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