First Week of May @ Monday, May 18, 2015

Monday 4th May

I like the idea, but not so much the taste. 

The day started early, as we crashed around 7pm the night before. Productivity on thew low. Lunch, mini udon noodles yum! Can't say the same about the salmon burger, mini size. As there was a hair in it! Con of takeaway is that you're too far away to bring it back.

Tunnel lighting and udon noodle soup! 

Class. Group work can suck. No.3 was a no show. And when we left we saw him arriving and he was touching himself, well not with his hands in his pants, but still he was touching himself. Eww. So we're rescheduled for Friday morning. I traveled 2hrs for this...

Dinner was yummy yoghurt (full fat + sugar) with pistachio and dried cranberries in a serving size made for two. Also had a fruit salad, which sadly had no figs - which I saw on display...

Post-dinner after a meeting was Schnitz, it was massive so I could only eat half. Not really a fan, as there's so many independent places to try out. 


Tuesday started with shopping, I don't like buying clothes in stores... but won't buy without trying it either. Needless to say I don't buy clothes much, as modern clothing doesn't tend to suit me. e.g. tube skirt, it's a cylinder of fabric wrapped around me that forces my legs together, creating friction. It's very uncomfortable! Why is it so tight!

The fit for me is a huge thing. Modern clothing just wasn't designed for me. Today we bought a dress from AH the 'Take Me To Paris DressDoes it fit? Sorta? Well yes but because I'm short the shoulder part is way too long, and I need stuff to fill up a lack of a bust... so I'm getting the dress taken up at the shoulders. 

Onto the first event of the day! Taking place at the Sofitel, was the Miss Universe State Finals. Upon arrival the hostess mocked me. Great start people. She asked me if I was a contestant but wasn't smiling in a mean girls way or anything. I am actually 30cm too short too enter, and twice as wide. I will never be pro thinspiration. I am not thin and will never be. Moving on.

The have cloaking! I love cloaking! A place to put all my stuff, which there is a lot of. No tiny handbag for me. Meanwhile champagne was circling. 

We sat down at round tables and had nibbles of sandwiches, scones, lemon tarts and profiteroles. The food was really good, the scones perfect with raisins. Interesting choice as lot of people don't like raisins, but I do! Wish we sat closer to the food :P Reaching across a table set for 8 doesn't go well, and you can't keep asking others to pass things around - restaurant plates/platters are heavy!

The show composed of swimwear, evening and a question. There were mini bios, everyone loves the outdoors, surf and snowboarding. No one watches tv or does indoor activities. Being a dr, studying health, or being a PT was popular too. Envisioning the all aussie girl to represent the country. The representative is absolutely nothing like the average person though, so I don't get that. I would like to see an aboriginal girl win.

Swimswear everyone looks the same in a bikini. 2 metres tall and a stick insect. Everyone wore the same shoes from Novo, which I know doesn't come in half sizes. Evening, I love the dresses made of sequins! And that one ballgowny blue dress. 

Top 8

Questions, I love seeing them stall by thanking the MC for the asking the question and things like that. For those who don't know I used to be into this stuff, though le beau was going to leave me if I pursued it, and I was going to be the ultimate bitch. So I'm leaving me too. Some answers were dumb, one girl got asked what he mistake was that she learnt from O.o no one else got a personal question. But of course she answers it like a politician. I think it would be much more impressive if they had to write essays and be tested on intelligence. 

Another thing. How do we know these girls are naturally pretty when they have make-up artist and hair stylists working on them. They're empty vessels to be dolled up and trained in a way. As you may have guessed I'm not really into of this stuff, nor do I encourage it. I like girls with curves. 

After the show we went back to the office to unload some bags 3/4 then off we went to the next event, where girls didn't try to kill each other while posing like best friends.


The next event was gelato tastings at dex2rose!
Full post coming up soon.


Wednesday, I think we slept in. My recollection writing from Thursday isn't that clear. We left in time for a quick stop at Boost before class. 2/3 trains out west canceled due to a fire. It was a cold, wet very rainy day. 

After class we went to the library. Dinner was prawn gyoza from Safeway and a sandwich, both average. The gyoza I wouldn't recommend. We got home, took a shower and crashed. 

I do wish there were more nice dinner places open after 9pm, that isn't a franchise. I'm a regular diner at Safeway after dark, and by that mean I've bought too many sandwiches, when what I really want is har gaw or prawn dumplings, the ones from Yum Cha. 


Working from home we order Indian delivered. Butter chicken for him and paneer butter malsa, which from this place is better than butter chicken. But then I realize he's not here anymore, and it's just me. And that's how I found myself eating Indian on a Sunday Night. 


Yay I have a new email! Work decided to give us all our own emails. I've never actually worked there since the managers who hired me left though... Missing the old team. :( The guys who I worked with were awesome! 

A stop by H&M and near Hardware to get some last picture. A visit to my beautiful dentist, which hurt. Four shots and the one felt like a pencil! The germs has gone through the side wall and out through the top! That is terrifying!

Straight up the road to the Sofitel, lovely and warm inside, I love it. Tonight we attended the 2015 ADG Awards Ceremony, which celebrates the outstanding work of Australian screen directors over the past year across 15 categories including film, television, multi platform, music and advertising. I honestly didn't recognize most of the shows nominated, though have seen 'Round the Twist' by Paul Jennings.

It was very bright in there!

After the show we went for dinner at the Pancake Parlour. That cheesy potato pancake is delicious! Ok I was starving at the time, it's just very good. But I'd totally get it again.  

Lately I've been discovering I don't eat because I forget to till I'm starving. At the point where my senses and heighten and I constantly feel like I'm going to throw up. I often don't eat dinner because I'm exhausted and pass out before I even take off my coat most nights... 

Saturday gets its own post because we ate at three different places and went way over budget... Sunday we got sick, but if we didn't we would have gone to the Mother's Day Classic. 

How was your week?

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