Sushi Burger @ Wednesday, May 27, 2015

I love sushi! So when I discovered a place that did sushi burgers we had to go there! Not exactly true there, what I do is find places I'd like to eat at, add it to my urbanspoon list and then decide the week/before I'm in the area to eat at a place near my destination.

So many options... 

On this particular summer's day I was having lunch with morman, who I know nothing about in terms of what he eats/doesn't. He suggested the food court, I suggested sushi burgers and bentos. He hesitated and said no, because he didn't know what it was, and ended up with handrolls (that's your typical sushi roll).

Sushi Burger Bentos 

J Cafe aka Sushi Burger does well, sushi in the form of a burger, with rice used as a bun and wrapped in seaweed. It's cheaper to get take-away then eat in e.g. with sushi (handrolls) being $1 more eat in...

Peakhours (lunch/dinner) are super busy, and you'll need to book a table. The bottom right picture is the area downstairs. Lanterns are from eBay. You can pre-order over the phone, which oddly we didn't. There's two different menus, and we only looked at take-away as I was having lunch with morman, on his side of the river. 

The process and beans jas would have bought. 

Dessert was great! We had the Ichigo Daifuku, which is a traditional rice cake with fresh strawberry and sweet white bean paste for a unique sweet flavour. $3.80 It was unlike anything I've ever had and delicious! No wonder it's the most popular daifuku (traditional rice cake). 

We had the Sushi Burger Bento Box with Veggie Gyoza and the Soft Shell Crab Sushi Burger for $13.50. I'm kinda amazed it looks almost exactly like picturedDisappointed to say that the bento was average, nothing amazing or anything I'd recommend

The burger was flat in flavour though there was wasabi. I couldn't eat the crab half way through as it wasn't crispy, and I got scarred! It has eyes and 6/8 legs! Odd as I've had crab in the shape of a crab before at Gazi and didn't get scared. 

Our second visit was for another lunch, during peak hour. It was very busy! Try not to get hit by the door. There isn't much space in there when it's full.

We had the $10 take-away deal, mini cup of udon noodle soup.

The noodle soup was delicious, perfect on a winter's day.
Unlike this lighting, picture was taken in a tunnel on the way to class.

The burger was small. Maybe it's bigger not in a combo?
*I have small hands.*

The Teriyaki Salmon burger was too spicy, though I only had one bite... there was hair in it! I know this rarely happens, but I'm not coming back. 

Pros - You can order via phone, ready for pick up.
Cons - Card min $15, no split bills, eat in costs more. 

Service was good, though note that all your extras like ginger and mayo will cost you.

Have you had a sushi burger?

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