Tuesday 12th May

How I Like to "Take it Slow" as recommended by the doctor. 
In the pool, with a guided mediation soundtrack and coconut water.

What stress looks like: me. I don't think I'm sick but I'm getting there. Everything tastes like blood. "Mouth ulcers are signs of stress and usually mean you are over-working, over-training or overwrought" yes that's me "will usually heal on their own within 10-14 days" yeah no, I need to be better faster than that. Two projects and exams to go! 

I'm either cold or tired most of the time. Though working from home helps with the 'I don't eat till I feel sick' problem because I'm too busy to eat out and about, till I realize I'm starving and feel sick. 

Three events on Friday night, I said no to one. The dr would be proud. But I'm down to two, both of which I will regret not seeing. So I'm going to see both! I'm certain the musical has a half-way intermission, though not sure about the concert. But it sure is a great time to sell drinks. 


Today we recorded roleplays for psych, one of the girls I'm working with is crazy homophobic XD we found out at the end that peeople like that get killed off where she comes from (the middle east or somewhere like that) O.O. Next time tell me why it makes you crazy uncomfortable before I spend half an hour hitting on you. 

She was a fighter which is great for our work, if you give in we solve the problem too fast and don't get to the time we need. The guy was a lover not a fighter and gives in too easily. He also got confused and thought topics a and b were related so we didn't get the perfect shot. :(

Instead of fixing the issue they decided to build a fence to cover up the tree that was dropping leaves onto the neighbour's lawn. Neighbour pays 40%. Wtf? Seriously that's not how you solve a problem. But the task is to listen and not guide them to the answer, or dictate the solution. It's exhausting spending the afternoon acting, good thing tonight we'll be on the other side. 

Sportscraft & Vogue's Exclusive Styling Event

Vouge held a reader event at Sportcraft, with bubbles, yummy canapes and goodie bags! Too busy shopping and on the go to eat, because I sampled their wagyu slider and it was delicious! Bought some lovely purple merino tops. $100 each. Glasson's is $40 but they don't do purple, and I think this one is better quality.

People lining up for autographs for a movie?

Pre-show dinner, a $16 three ingredient salad. *Regret* If we had more time we could have had dumplings instead. The salad was salmon, spinach and mash from Thrive. Don't get the bigger size, the only thing that there's more of is the protein. I wanted more salad/mash. 

Off to the theatre! to see 'Thoroughly Modern Millie' set in 1922, flapper/Gatsby/Jazz Age Era. Millie wants to marry for money, but ends up with the 'poor guy' she chose for love. Surprize he's the head boss and she still gets rich!

Great musical numbers, lots of wigs, and guys who either are gay or styled to have that dapper/a little bit stylish-ly gay look. Jas would have loved it. I do recognize a few of the main characters, younger siblings of people from school. Our school had a great theatre that you could use in your bio. There was also an opportunity to go on tour around asia, europe and the UK.

Post-show dinner! At Father's Office. What Esme Ate.
Going on with the 1920s theme. :P 


We're having a fun week, with two shows tonight that I'll be running in between.

First Show - Strictly Ballroom. This one shall get another post.

After the break we were at the Whitney Houston show. Hawaii said I was missing out big time, but I missed nothing. She is a fan who grew up listening to Houston in the late 80s/early 90s. Me, I only heard of her when she died and when Glee did a cover of her songs. Davis covered both songs I knew in the second half: Somebody to Dance With, and I Will Always Love You. You know someone's amazing when you get the chills! 

Coffee! Yes at 11pm.

Earlier this week we also came across these Minion Tictac Boxes!

Miss Hawaii bought snacks, this happened pre-show, before both.

Dinner at Father's Office again.


Million Paws Walk. Only the balloon picture is mine. Lovely weather for a walk!

Brunch Snack

I do love balloons!

There was a balloon guy! For graduation I want a bouquet of balloon flowers!

Blogger Unknown said... on May 26, 2015 11:41 PM  

Gosh you manage to jam a lot into one week. No wonder you are a little rundown.
I hope you are feeling better.

Blogger Curious Charlie said... on May 27, 2015 2:33 AM  

Thanks Nicole :) I think it's more of stress sick. Can't wait till exams end!

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