Oriental Teahouse on Chapel St @ Saturday, May 23, 2015

Late Saturday Post-Show Dinner. As we already had a dinner this was more of another entree for us. 

Dessert Dumplings!

Still craving dumplings one night after a show, we went to Oriental Teahouse, jas's favourite dumpling place. Which also happens to be very expensive, as he has expensive taste. 

That light wasn't that bright in real life... 

On arrival there was a sign asking us to wait to be seated and to help ourselves to tea samples. Not a tea person, but I love the raspberry & lime iced tea! Would have bought a box but there was no prices and therefore I assumed it was expensive. Maybe next time, after I finish the tea I bought last year. 

Raspberry Lime Iced Tea $4.50 & Hot Silver Needles White Tea $5.50
A bittersweet union of this summer berry and citrus.

Loving that iced tea I ordered a glass of it and received a mason jar with a handle, which is pretty cool, like this place. A tea shop, cafe and restaurant all in one with a bar upstairs. 

Most of what we ordered.

Golden Chicken Dumplings (3) $6.80

These were good, $7 good? No.

How many sauces do they have? :P

Prawn & Shallot Wonton (6) $9.80
Prawn wontons with wild ear, sesame, bamboo in a spring onion dressing

These were very good.

Duck Fortune Spring Roll (3) $7.80

The spring roll was most fascinating in shape, modern style? It was good, as I love duck but way too oily! There was oil literally dripping off it! And too much wrapping compared to fillings, this one was more for show. I prefer the usual cigar like shape.

Osmanthus & Wolfberry Pannacotta $8.80

The pannacotta was perfectly smooth and silky, but a bit average. 
Flavours not developed though or strong, kinda sugary watery surup.

Signature White Chocolate Dumplings (3) $7.80
Stuffed w white choc, topped off with peanut parline

Jas was very keen on dessert, and so we order two to share. The dumping served with coconut and peanut was beautiful, dough pillows of white chocolate. They were very expensive though! Three small pebble sized balls for $8.

Service was slow (note that we dined after 9pm and it was almost empty) but other than that very good. One of the waiters who didn't serve us tonight was very pretty. Bathroom upstairs, try not to trip on that silly 2 inch sub-step!

As we were leaving the bar upstairs was playing a song Burton's Willy Wonka aka Charlie and the Chocolate Factory. Other than white choc dumplings there were milk ones too with a description involving Willy Wonka. 

The bill came to $51 for our snacks and drinks. That was a expensive snack, but very tasty and not at all disappointing, other than in size. Most $$$ price for the dessert dumplings in particular. 

Have you been to Oriental Teahouse? Any dumpling places you'd recommend?

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