A Saturday - Lunch & Two Dinners @ Thursday, May 21, 2015

Saturday 9th May

Saturday started with a meeting, for and event that I didn't feel well enough to get to the next day. We felt empty, maybe lonely and grey. The weather, very cold, windy with rain throughout the night and most of the day didn't help.

Lunch was spontaneous, something that I'm not. There's always festivals on at Fed Square and this week it was a Malaysian food festival! My translation was it was a place to find durian!

But first a drink, we tried the pulled tea, tek tarik. $1 for a sampler size was perfect for me, it was nice and better than normal tea, but nothing I'd get again.

I found durian! There was stall that specialized in them, cheesecake cupcake, slices with coconut, macarons and... durian crepes! Which was like a piece of durian but extra soft pillowly and beautiful! I'd have a tower of these over a cupcake tower any day for our wedding. This is exactly why no one is coming to our wedding. No because our r'ship in on the rocks, but because of the durian. 

We bought a sampler pack to try them all, everything was good, the slice was average, but that so-called crepe was heaven! And because le beau wasn't with me I could buy them. Normally I do try to considerate of others and not buy durian, but not today!

To continue my love for durian we had it in ice cream! Well gelato, the new word for ice cream these days. $6 a scoop is average, unlike the size of this one, which was slightly smaller from 'The Rolling Scoops'. 

Why do they have clothes hanging near a BBQ?

Actual lunch was next, satay skewers. Hot and delicious, chicken & beef skewers served with rice cake (savory), cucumber and pb chilli sauce. The beef was chewy and horrible, but chicken was the exact opposite. Delicious! 

One last thing we tried was a dessert looking drink, the Cendol - Pandan Flavoured Jelly Noodles in Coconut Milk. It was good when you have a mouthful jelly and coconut, but otherwise the jelly component was bland on its own.

I didn't buy everything I wanted :P Before buying I like to scout the menus.

Along the way we took a walk from Fed Sq to the Gothic Bank on Collins, because that was the closest ATM, and we needed it for fitbit goals. Also stopped by OW and the Arts Center. And so we spent most of the day out and about. 

After a quick stop at the apartment we were off again, to Samsung who was having an event on. No event cupcakes but we got a face towel, bottle and usb. :)

These were delicious! Unlike other things we ordered... 

Dinner was going to be a salad but prompted by Daisy's recent post we went to New Shanghai in the Emporium food court. I thought it was a secluded room as a restaurant, but no it's a full-on restaurant but in a food court with matching hours sadly. 

After the pre-show dinner went to the Acapelle State Competition, some teams were better than others. I still think the finals Glee episodes are much better. Disappointed there was no team like the Warblers. :P

We were hungry again after the show and went for a post-show dinner at the Oriental Tea House on Chapel St, Jas's favourite dumpling place. As we already had a dinner this was more of another entree for us. Yummy but also expensive. 

A series of bad decision led us to spending $90 in total for dinner, for two. 

Other topics discussed were my auto/bio, which jas wants to name 'Dry Clean Only' while I prefer 'Death & Disease by Mother'. In case you didn't know I'm very very clean, to an OCD level. Mother is the opposite and want us to be thankful for clean drink water, and doesn't wash her hands after going to the bathroom, despite being a health lecture (sadly not specializing in hygiene). Her reasoning - "I didn't finger myself". As to jas's title, I really am dry clean only. It originated from an event at Grill'd where the kid next to me spilt ginger beer all over me. My underwear was soaked in beer. And that was something you did not need to know. 'But on the strange upside I did not get a rash down there from having beer inside my pants. 

Have you randomly came across any events? 

Blogger RMIT Newintstudents said... on May 21, 2015 1:34 PM  

Ah geez! You guys eat a lot man. Did you try the prawn fritters at the Malaysian festival? Did you also get the goody bags there as well? I went too and got a few free things like a towel and bottle.

Blogger Curious Charlie said... on May 21, 2015 3:19 PM  

Lunch for one, pre & post show dinner or rather entree sized dinners for two. :P I love food!

No I don't recall prawn fritters, are they amazing? Is it deep fried battered/crumbed/deshelled prawns on a skewer?

Didn't see goodie bags at the festival, maybe we were too late? We only checked out the food area.

Blogger RMIT Newintstudents said... on May 26, 2015 10:52 AM  

yes and they were huge. And if you pre- registered did any of the games stuff then you get a free (or a few free goody bags). They were there until about 3pmish

Blogger RMIT Newintstudents said... on May 26, 2015 10:53 AM  

Prawn fritters-they were deep fried. Not on a skewer, eaten by hand or a fork

Blogger Curious Charlie said... on May 26, 2015 10:53 PM  

We'll get them next time! Didn't actually know/plan to go to the festival, we just randomly walked by on the way home after a meeting.

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