12 Funny Pictures Related to Food @ Thursday, June 11, 2015

Still away on exams and leaving you with some funny pictures. :P

I don't know which is worse! 

Is it odd that I never really wondered where Springfield is? 
All I know is that they're not on the coast. 

Losing weight is hard! But the good news is I haven't put on any weight since last November. 

This is hilarious! And now I want a cheeseburger...

So true with those tapas based ones!

This reminds me of the smoking and non-smoking areas from Mrs Doubtfire. 

Oh dear... my damages include a $35 salad that contains four prawns and lots of veggies on a date. I could barely eat it. It wasn't very nice and to this day is the most expensive dish I have ever ordered.

I love cheese!

I usually just leave it there till the lid rattles. 

My cake! 

So true! There's a reason le beau cooks and I don't. 

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