Betty Crocker's Rainbow M&M Cookies @ Wednesday, June 10, 2015

Not sure if we should focus on the box or cookies...

Taking a break from exam prep. we decided to make some cookies! We made cookies! This hasn't happened since Christmas (gingerbread that time).  I love cookies, especially white choc & cranberries, though that didn't come in a packet mix. I saw these rainbow cookies in pinterest and conveniently the next day they were on sale, Safeway had 50% off most of the Betty Crocker range, we also picked up my favourite cinnamon muffins and blondies.

I love packet mixes, because everything is weighed and ready to be mixed. Less mess. 

All you need is 80g butter and an egg or two. Oh and a baking tray, parchment/baking paper.

Why is the butter wrapped in paper? Because I was leaving it in the sun to melt/soften faster. Also cutting it into small cubes makes it soften faster, because you're increasing surface area and exposure. This is all you need in terms of ingredients by the way, minus one extra egg.

In the bowl we have the powder mix, butter and an egg + extra egg yolk.

There is no need to sort the m&ms, unless you're OCD. :P

The dough was too dry to stick all together so we had to add an extra egg white.
It's super sticky! You could flour your hands but it didn't really help this time.

This is where covering your hands in plain flour to stop the dough sticking to your hands really helps. The box said it makes 20 cookies, but here we have 19 balls of dough.

Flatten those balls. XD Doesn't need to be perfect, it'll melt and spread.

Add the m&ms, instructions said 7 per cookie. Or you could mix it in the dough before. 

- Baking - 

Behind the Scenes

13 mins are the lighter ones 15 mins are darker but not burnt.

The cookies, light and dark all tasted fine, darker ones were crunchier. 15min = crunchy and brown. 13min= white and x, of course it always depends on your oven. I discovered 2 inches means 2 inches, not an inch, as these cookies really do spread. The mixture was too sweet though. That's how you know they're American :P Would I make them again? No, too sweet. But I would buy other packet mixes. 

Another thing was with one large egg there wasn't enough liquid to form a dough, so I added another egg white. 

Tip - When rolling balls cover you hands with plain flour, this stops everything from sticking. 

Overall a fun experience, though not the same without my beau. We made 19 cookies, box said 20. That's pretty good. Though I struggled to divide them between the trays. 

When was the last time you made cookies? What's your favourite cookie?

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