Mrs Robinson at Deakin @ Monday, June 15, 2015

Mrs Robinson's a cafe/restaurant at Deakin in Burwood, a place we drive by past 3-4 times a week to class, though never checked out. Because it didn't look that appealing and reviews were lukewarm, also this place is expensive or just more than we normally spend.

Then one random day we came across an ourdeal offer for breakfast for 2 for $20 and this was the perfect time to try it out - except one thing. I'm not a morning person, and their opening hours are: "Monday to Friday: 7am – 11.30am Saturday: 7am – 3pm Sunday: closed". Not gonna happen. Fortunately they've recently extended their hours till 6pm on weekdays and longer Fri/Sat. Oddly when we made a booking they said come anytime, which suggests they aren't busy. I find it very amusing that they claim to be an "inner city" location, but are really in the South Eastern Suburbs.  

Hot chocolate for two, made with a syrup, served somewhere between warm and hot, but not hot. I'm disappointed they didn't do coffee art. But they were nice. I'm a bit on the fence about whether I'd get it again or not. 

Scotch Fillet & Fried Eggs $18.50 
Grilled Black Angus scotch fillet topped with two free-range 
butter fried eggs on an English muffin 

I ordered the beef and eggs on an English muffin and got exactly just that, with an edition of some green stuff on top that didn't have a strong taste (jas was not here to identify it). It was a couple ingredients and to me not a dish itself, I could have made this - and that is not a compliment, I bake mainly sweet things but other than that it's le beau who cooks. I felt that this dish needed a sauce to tie the 3 ingredients together to make it into an actual dish. Also this dish should have been about half the price for what it was.

Hot Vanilla & Buttermilk Waffles $15.50
Served with caramelized butterscotch bananas, toasted 
honeyed banana chips and Nutella ice-cream 

Freud likes sugar, as in he'd (snort) eat a teaspoon of sugar anytime, and so he ordered the dessert option. Thick waffles with insides that taste like a dense buttercake from Coles (yes I have eaten those, I'm American). Caramelized banana I'm not a fan of, there was clumps of sugar inside the waffle, meaning they did not dissolve in the batter. The "Nutella" ice cream was plain vanilla by Blue Ribbon, with chocolate drizzled on top. There were no banana chips. If this was ebay I'd say the dish doesn't fit the description, and give it 3/5 stars.

Service was average, but the teaspoons and fork was dirty - there were marks on them. Lighting was quite good, and so was the space for a Saturday afternoon meeting. It was also dead save for a couple other groups. 

There were no cakes or slices in the fridge...  

The restaurant was the size of a school cafeteria (large) but not even 1/4 was filled up today. I wonder how busy they get during the week with the location being at Deakin. Also note that for that location it was odd for them not to have wifi - from the cafe itself, though I suppose students would have access to the uni's wifi. 

Will we be back? Yes for an coffee meeting, it's nice and quiet. For food? No, it was average at the prices though certainly not worth that, well the prices is average if you were up north in Hipsterville. They need to step up their game to survive. 

I wonder how other cafes with brunch prices at unis fare. The Reading Room is on the list.

Have you been to any uni brunch-priced places?
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