Dessert at Lindt on Chapel St @ Wednesday, July 29, 2015

Tuesday 14th July

Lindt on Chapel St at Jam Factory

Our dessert plan tonight was Lindt, through Groupon we bought the $22 Lindt Dessert Platter with Hot Chocolate for Two. I just realized that we rarely go to Lindt without an incentive. 

Lindt does one of the best hot chocolates, that comes in milk or dark, but not white. Last time I checked it was $6-something, but now has risen to $7.50. Making it one of the most expensive hot chocolates in Melbourne. 

Freud had the milk as always, while I had a 50/50 combo of milk/dark. I defintely prefer milk, but am open to trying new/different things, that I don't order often.

The platter than arrived looks exactly like in the picture, in terms of product.

Freud had a macaroon, a nibble at the two cakes, ice cream (his favourite thing on the platter) and the Lindor balls. I ate the rest. And did not feel good afterwards. My diet sometimes can be described as an unchaparoned child at a birthday party - not that I've ever invited to parties, even as a child. I'm wildly unpopular, other than with those who want something from me.  

The 'Lindt Chocolate Cake' made with Lindt Excellence 70% was sprinkled with pure cocoa nibs. I do not like nibs, as to me they're like wood chips or plastic. But the cake (the oval shaped one) while it wasn't a sponge it was the most light & fluffy chocolate cake I've ever had, without being dry. Though my favourite chocolate cake is still the Black Forest Cake from the Green Refectory. 

Brownies with roasted pecans and finished with a glaze of Lindt Excellence 70% Chocolate was also delicious,  very rich and moist. Perfect served with the cream and ice cream. And the sizing, a triangle per person was the perfect size. 

Why are the chocolate shaving incoviently placed under the ice cream? I prefer it embedded in the cream or on top.

I felt the pot of chocolate on the dish wasn't necessary as the cakes were very good on their own, without a sauce. And so with the pot of chocolate I made my 1.5 hot chocolate, after purchasing a thing of milk (full cream) for $2 extra. An idea: use this voucher for two people, but have a 3rd person just buy milk. That way you can get 3 hot chocolates.

Vanilla & White Choc $3, Excellence 70% Cocoa $3

I remember the first time I went to Lindt in 2011-ish, macarons were $2 back then.

Service was very good, and it got busier throughout the evening. Clean up was slow though and all the water glasses were dirty, that they had to provide plastic cups. Initially my cup was dirty too, but I asked for another. These things needs to be washed in a washing machine rather than hand rinsed. 

We also asked about the salted c hot choc, to which we discovered it's a caramel drink, with no actual chocolate. Sad. But I did buy a box of salted c lindor balls for le beau. :) Obviously I had forgotten that we are no longer together or speaking, despite we're still crazy about each other, or so his brother tells me.

Hello Lindt Bars were on sale for $1 though not with a near by expiry date so we grabbed a couple of those. At 2.50 normally we rarely ever buy them, I'm a bit of a bargain hunter and a fan of couponing. 

Lucy Bunny loves all things strawberry. Cheese too, but I'm sure about cheesecake. 

These are cute, Lindt Bar minis. 

I love Lindt, but we only visit a couple times a year, because it's quite intense, drinking pure chocolate. Also it's expensive and we only go with group deals. It's a great spot for hot chocolate after dinner though. Date idea noted.

What's your favourite chocolate cafe?
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