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Set in 1464, against the backdrop of Edward IV's reign of England, The White Queen is the BBC's new adaptation of Philippa Gregory's best-selling historical novel - which you can check out here: link to the first chapter. Personally I'm not too fond of the always first person writing style.

Elizabeth Woodville - The Protagonist

The Three Leading Ladies

Throughout the quick-paced 10 episodes that span from 1464 till 1485 there's two queens (grey and gold) and red gets as close as she can, being the mother of the last king, Henry 7th in the mini-series. She also seems to be the tallest woman at court...

I know that these drama/history series aren't documentaries and glam up the costumes, but someone could have made an effort to use fabrics more authentic to the time and at least used invisible zips on the side. The reason why the corsets/dresses have all the laces is to fasten/close the dress as a zip would - but there were no zips back then.

Edward meets Elizabeth, for the second time. He planned to do it, but she wasn't cool with it.

Other than Elizabeth, her mother, Jacquetta of Luxembourg, Countess Rivers is my favourite character. She's such a kind, friendly warm character (to her family that is) with a calm presence. In the series she is definitely a witch. 

The Luxembourgs claimed to be descended from the water deity Melusine (a figure of European folklore, a feminine spirit of fresh waters in sacred springs and rivers) through an ancestor. Why would you say that? It sounds magical, and magic = witchcraft.

We like her hairstyle, and her cone hat. Those were very popular back then. And you often see fairytale princesses wear them. Though how do you keep them on? And more importantly - does it add to your height? :P

Edward's younger brother Richard looks a bit evil to me, the combo of pale skin and dark hair does that. Though for most of the series he seems like a pretty nice/ok guy in comparison to his other brother, George. His voice is very gentle and he actually likes his wife, Anne Neville. Most marriages were for alliances, money and making heirs - boys only.

Elizabeth's father looks familiar... turns out he's in Game of Thrones.

Edward forgot to bring the ring to their secret wedding (royals love their secret weddings) though Elizabeth had one, the same one that she pulled out from the river, which predicted her future, that she would be queen. Interestingly this ring is commonly found on ebay and etsy and can be yours for a dollar or two, though it's a case of one size fits all.

As to the actual crown, I've never seen anything like it. It looks kinda fake...

I'm very curious, as with the crown, apple and septor, does the coronation robe get passed throughout the ages? Or does everyone get their own set? Not sure about it being passed down through the line, as even without wear and tear things tend to malt/fall apart over time.

Loving the king's outfits. Look at that texture and the details. How does that necklace stay on just so when they move? I think they pin it at the shoulders. This outfit would have been inspiration for le beau's outfit as we're doing a historical theme wedding. No tuxs.

The Happy Couple

Top - Tudor Era, works for Henry 8th.
Bottom - York, works for Edward 3rd.

Warwick the Kingmaker, cousin to the king (Edward the 4th), gets killed off in battle in 1471 but comes back 14yrs later in 1485 as Thomas Cromwell, Earl of Essex. To work for Henry 8th.

How are Edward and Henry related? Henry is the child of Elizabeth of York, Elizabeth Woodville's eldest daughter. Which makes Edward Henry's grandfather.

The Neville Sisters - Are annoying, definitely paranoid. If there's a storm or something bad happened, blame the witch. If you don't like someone that makes them automatically a witch in those years. The part where Elizabeth wishes them to be as fertile as their mothers was hilarious, in that Anne thought that was a curse. Elizabeth's mother and herself both had around 12-14 kids each, while the Neville sisters had 1-4 each and they all died young or were killed off. The most successful kid between them was Isabel's daughter Margaret Pole who was in the Tudors, though was killed off. Isabel had four kids, one killed by Henry 7th, and another by Henry 8th. 

Margaret Pole, Countess of Salisbury

- Daughter of Isabel Neville & George Plantagenet
- Lady-in-waiting for Catherine of Aragon (Henry 8th's 1st Wife)
- Governess to Henry 8th's daughter, Princess Mary (Bloody Mary)

Reginald Pole is Margaret's Son.
A Cardinal and the Last Roman Catholic Archbishop of Canterbury. The actor who plays him was on Ressurection and is my favourite voice actor who does the voice for half the Barbie Princes's including my favourite prince/king, pictured on the right.

Why are they so scary pale? Most of the characters look normal.

Loving all the fancy hairstyles. Weekly washes?

Are you sure that's Dr Who? IMDB says yes. Cecily Neville, Duchess of York (Mother to Edward 3rd) is Mia's mom. Oh wow she's aged... very interesting hairstyle. Obviously fake, but back then how long would it take?

The end of the era as Henry 7th takes over. He married Elizabeth of York, Elizabeth Woodville's eldest daughter. And they create Henry 8th.

How are they related to the Tudors? *click to enlarge*

All but two characters die/are killed off.

I love this picture.

It would suck to be a girl, you're just a pawn on the chessboard, used to form alliances with other families and to produce an heir (a son). Court is a chessboard, where fate is always in the hands of others, best to stay away. 

I really liked 'The White Queen' though it was too short! If you like the Tudors you'll be a fan of this. It's more of a abridged version though with less costumes and drama. And the pace is very different, condensed. 

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