Friday 31st July

A Friday Dinner at Saigon Inn. A pop up before they close to rebrand and renovate. Pho with a pay as you rate system. Pholicious, I like that word. First word on the left makes me laugh. XD To a point where instead of telling jas about this place and the system, I had to send an email. He thinks it's hilarious too. XD 

I do like all the plastic tables/chairs that reminds me of the kids' table at family gatherings.

Interesting wall art. 

The deco in particular the art on the wall was a play on the typical cow and chicken you see at pho restaurants. Though that cow looks high on pot...and reminds me of Homer Simpson.

The other half of the picture of the seating area, because I didn't get an overview shot.

We had the original beef pho. There's a variety of choices like beef, chicken, pork and vegetarian. But not the usual complex menu of an assortments of pho.

The flavours, hoisin in yellow mustard bottles, tea and sugary coconut water is still there as the idea was to bring Springvale to the city but with no msg.

My pho came with three types of beef: the usual kind you get in pho, corned, and fish ball style. A genrous serve of beef, which isn't something you find too often. Much to Thai's description and idea it did taste like something you'd get in Springvale! But in the city, where I do actually go. 

A unique feature of the pop-up is the 'pay as you feel' or rather 'pay as you rate' option. There's a scale you rate your pho on from $6 to $14. Punny and funny I rate it pholicious $12.

But that's not all Sagion Inn offers, they also have skewers and spring rolls. I love spring rolls! And would have gotten some but the pho was very filling as it should be, and with a (couple) mini mini cupcakes from around the corner I was full. 

Drinks were the typical range of beers, soda and asian coconut water, which is really sugar water with a bit of coconut. It's different from our coconut water in that ours ' is marketed as a good drink (though like a mist, does nothing for your health/skin), the asian coconut juice comes in a plastic vessel with green or blue writing on it.

As it's a pop-up options were more limited then say Thanh Dat or your pho shops with their custard apple drinks, shakes and smoothies and asian drinks like the three colour drink. But all that is coming soon after the re-branding and renovations.

Service was good, on arrival I was offered a choice of water or tea. It seems to me all Vietnamese restaurants offer you tea, as oppose to our normal cafes offering you water. 

Midz & Ray

We met the owners Thai and Midz and Ray (chef). The team comes from Keysborough near Springvale which is a Vietnamese area with the best pho. So they know their pho. 

If you haven't had good pho in a while give this a go. Especially if like me you're not willing to go out west to Footscray or down south to Springvale. Close to the city there's Richmond, but that's not in the CBD. :P

For pho cravings this where I'd go in the city. Have you been to Saigon Inn? 
Do check them out before the 12th August! You've got 6 days. :P

They're open for lunch & dinner, closing at 3pm and opening at 5pm for dinner.

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