Halloween Swap with Jacq Writes World @ Saturday, October 31, 2015

Halloween's the best holiday of the year! And to celebrate it along with eating all the Halloween foods around the city, we participated in a Halloween Swamp, hosted by Bloggers United Australia, which is a group mainly for beauty bloggers. 

Unlike other swaps I've been involved in, in this one you're directly swapping/sending to/with the person you receive from. Jacq from 'Jacq Writes World' was my partner, she's a mommy blogger in WA, with a toddler who has the next 'Blue Steel' look! 

All packaged with lots of peanuts in a pretty C&E box.

Things Jacq got me: candy! Mars Brownie Chocolate Bars, I don't think I've seen these before, though I haven't been to the shops in weeks. :P Fake lashes (yes I used them in my passport picture :P). Some eye make-up, earrings to motivate me to get my ears pieced. And some cool stuff from typo: magnets, a travel x to-do-list and awesome notebook! I'm going to say I filled out the form wrong, as I mentioned I'm allergic to watermelon.

To see part of what I sent Jacq check out her blog here, there's also a picture stand and card that was sent separately, as well, I posted it and then found the card!

Have you ever done a swap? I love the candy/food swaps! And we're got a post coming up in a couple months, once I've eaten everything. :P The postage of swaps is $20+ internationally, including NZ! And I thought we were friends...

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