Showtime at Town Hall @ Wednesday, October 07, 2015

Monday 7th September

Picture from Purple Foodie

Apple Cinnamon Muffins, minus the apples plus poppy seeds. I love baking though no one actually eats what I make other than le beau & co. and morman who eats all my creations when I insist. Mrs morman however does not eat. At all. Ever. There isn't the temptation to resist. I'm amazed. Though I suppose some people's lives don't evolve around food. XD 

We went dancing and had a great time. Wet shoes are slippery. 


I saw a guy on a mini skateboard zoom by, a few seconds later his skateboard flies past me (left, the direction he came from) and he's on the ground. Ouch!

A meeting. Packing showbags and a few more pictures. 

All-you-can-eat Mexican! This is our 3rd-4th visit to Maya, and 2nd for all-you-can-eat. We ate a lot of food, I forgot about the avocado. We ordered a couple favourites and mainly new things. 

Dessert was yummy though they only had vanilla ice cream when a trio was advertised. Also the flan has melted into a puddle... and it wasn't because we were slow.

Service got worse over the course of the evening, it got slower and slower. As the restaurant got quieter it [the service] got slower, they remember us from last time.  

We're looking at booking a group dinner though with super slow service we'll be looking elsewhere. It was so slow that we had to order desserts and mains at the same time! We arrived at 8.45pm, our first round of tacos took 20mins! It was as if they left us last because we bought a group deal!


Rehearsals for tomorrow's show, but before that we got our hair done. Yay! It's something that doesn't happen too often because I have no loyalty to anyone :P. Janet (she's got the same name as mrs morman) was lovely and talkative in the way hairdressers often are. She has always wanted to be a hairdresser.

On location, it's beautiful in here. The foyer, we could hold a very small intimate chamber-sized ball, if it wasn't carpeted. The hall itself had white lighting and felt too big. It was grand, but cold. We still want to have a medieval banquet at the Royce Hotel. 

I think I know what my event specialization is, it's not massive events, but smaller themed ones. The key word being themed. 

Saw a dress I like. I'll take it! 
No sorry ma'am, it's not out till Nov/Dec.
WTF? Why would you show it to me when you won't sell it for another two months?! I was planning on wearing it to an event in two weeks!

So that ^ happened.

We went dancing. I miss it very much, I experimented with another place last month and it wasn't the same. The class was structured differently, and of course the people were all strangers, friendly ones though. I find that there's a core group of people who make it awesome, which are pretty much are my four favourite people to dance with and Brad (aka morman, I prefer morman, though he probably needs an actual name, he's not in my top 4 because the wife doesn't approve, and we try not to provoke her) and a couple other people whose names I know, vice versa. I said this to Esme I think it was, that everyone's nice to me (even if they don't like me - there's 1-2 of those) and this is the only group I'm in where no one picks on me and I feel accepted. Also as if I belong, and I don't belong anywhere. 

When I open my mouth unintelligent, rude/mean things come out, especially things that I think are funny but no one else is. Le beau thinks I'm a bully! I asked morman if they call him the cookie monster at work XD It's only funny if you know why, his actual name is very close to 'cookie'. To me it's almost like his name has a typo! He's very quiet though and I don't know if he's a cookie person or a donut or cupcake person. He talks to me as much as when we first met - in other words he doesn't, he'll say hi but other than that nothing. He's not shy or in a shell, he's just very quiet. The other quiet guys, like Beyonce and Sushi Chef, are less quiet when I'm around. I like to think I contribute fun-ness! Though the manager says I'm a silly little girl... 

Oh and morman says at work they do not call him the cookie monster, they call him Brad, because that's his name. Meanwhile I'm making up names for everyone e.g. There's three Brads in the class, this Brad is morman, and one of the others is spaghetti arms Brad, because he has awesome super flexible long arms, and the third Brad is rarely seen, though he's a pretty cool guy - and has a purple t-shirt.

Do you come up with names for everyone? :P


Prepping for the show. The show I didn't end up staying for because I had a headache and died. I needed a quiet space. Emma took pictures for us.


A lovely sunny day though windy. From inside it looks like picnic perfect weather. It's spring. Wedding season. I've never been to a wedding. They exemplify the emptiness and I feel myself die a little. I miss him so very much. Sometimes more than others. Like the other day when if he was there he'd tell me to stop bullying morman - who I'm totally not bullying, I just ask lots of questions. Interesting ones.

Not in the mood for class we didn't go, but we did go for some physical aka gym class tests. I'm so unfit! Fast forwards we got lost on the way to the theatre because we had a different starting point. Dinner was hot chocolate and purple peanuts, which isn't as good as it used to be. I was too tired to eat so didn't eat it till the next day. Most days I pass out in a suit when I get home. 

This fortnight's performance is 'Seussical the Musical' about an elephant, Horton who hears people who live on a speck of dust 'Whovillians' think the town from 'The Grinch'. Everyone says he's crazy. His neighbour a bird with a small tail feather likes him. 

Random irresponsible party girl bird has an accident, asks Horton to babysit the egg and she runs off. Stuff happens. Neighbour bird gets a bigger feather to get Horton's attention but it's too big and she can't fly. It's funny that this reminds me of boob jobs. And the irresponsible party bird is a deadbeat mom. 

Fast forward to the end, egg hatches and a flying elephant pops out. Oh and the others can heard the people on the dust speck too suddenly at the end, so they stop making fun of him.


Today we went on a tour at the market. We actually had planned to hit all three markets near the city but was too tired to function... But we did go on the 'Market Week's Hidden Gems Foodie Tour' at Prahran Market.

How was your week? 

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