Andrew's Hamburgers - Albert Park @ Wednesday, November 04, 2015

Friday 2nd October 

As we don't leave home (the cbd) much whenever we do go out I like to try new places in the area to the destination. I've heard of Andrews' Hamburgers at Albert Park, but then I picture it being lake side, which it is not. Instead it's on a strip in a suburb called Albert Park, with a tram that goes through it ending at South Melb Beach.

Rusty American w Beef $9

With onions, double cheese, lettuce and hand cut pickles. 
Topped with mayo, American mustard and tomato sauce. 

Is there any other way to cut things? Yep, but machine. Telling me you cut it buy hand doesn't really impress me :P Also all mustard is bright yellow and American unless you used dijon mustard which is French.

We had a burger, the American of course :P It was good but nothing amazing while the bread bun reminded me of the 6pks at the supermarkets. Potato cake and chips were of the standard fish and chip store variety.

Small Chips $3 + Potato Cake $1 

It's very different from all the trendy burger places that rely on theme or $8 milkshakes to get the customers through the door. Just plain ordinary burgers for locals is how I'd sum up. The service was very good and there were a few tables outside. Best to order over the phone to skip the q.

I don't understand the hype - unless you've comparing it to local fish & chip shop places that do burgers, because their burgers don't seem that good. But being in the city there's a burger place on every block.

Do have a local gem in your area? That one place everyone in town recommends?

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