Taste of Melbourne 2015 - Part 2 @ Tuesday, December 29, 2015

Sunday 15th Nov

Day 2 at the Taste of Melbourne. 

But first the train was canceled so we waited 20mins for the next one, +20mins later than it was meant to be on top of that first 20mins, so now we're 40mins late. Some punks stole some cables from the signal so the trains were canceled/extra slow, causing me to be late. How Lola is always early, that's a skill.

It look me 2hrs to get to the event, but we made it! Unfortunately due to travel delays we didn't have time to check out the butterfly house again, as right after the event I had class.

Somehow we missed Maggie Beer's stall the other day, free mini magnums! There's affragato/strong coffee, and choc. I was hoping for her more unique flavours, namely the burnt fig. The magnums were good but nothing amazing, other than the fact that magnum doesn't do coffee, not that I've seen/tasted.

There was a tent where all the wine was!

Samples from Sofi

Movida's Helando de yogur - sheep's milk yoghurt ice cream, beetroot jam, barberries, walnuts & cocoa ($6). After the unique soft serve from Supernormal the other day this paled in comparison as it was highlighting the subtle flavours of the sheep's milk yoghurt ice cream. This was suppose to be in the last post...

Sampling our way through the event we had tea, sofi x2, coffee and other things.

A stop by the Indian marquee to sample Neha's coconut flatbread with cardamon ice cream.

The only food purchased and consumed on the spot was SAKÉ RESTAURANT's Toasted Raspberry Bomb - umeshu caramel, broken raspberries $10. It's a meringue with a cookie base and raspberry in the middle. Good but nothing amazing, I prefer Gazi's choc/meringue ice cream which was the same price. 

Why we were back for a second day...

The highlight of the day was an exclusive session with Sat Bains, with George Calombaris in the background (Masterchef George, and in person, not a cardboard cutout :P).

Sat Bains is from the UK and is one of the top chefs in Europe and known throughout the world. He has a two star Michelin restaurant serving modern British cuisine; Restaurant 'Sat Bains with Rooms', Nottingham (2.6-3hrs away from London).

There was liquid nitrogen!

And something beautiful was created! Chicken Liver Parfait Muesli. It's something very different that you'd never expect. It was a bit creamy and savory, as expected, but all the textures were pretty cool.

Sunday was busier than Friday night! All workshops booked out with long lines. Not sure why some people got on the wait list when we didn't, is it because of my accent?!

Best day to get a great deal is the last day of the show, where you can ask for deals like 7 for the price of 5, depending on the item. I had to get to class but managed to score BOGOF on Cobs Popcorn $4 for 2 bags. At $4 I wouldn't buy one.

Until next year!

Like always Mart 130 is still on our list of places to visit!

Freebies! An accumulation over two days. The giveaways happen on day one.

We had a fun but rushed time. The stalls in the middle were mainly wine, I would have liked to see more coconut water stalls like last year :P Also more samples and promos. 

Did you go to the 'Taste of Melbourne' this year? What were your favourite dishes?

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