Gingerbread Demolition Charity Event @ Monday, January 18, 2016

Still Saturday 12th December :P

Surprisingly I had no desire to lick it, as everyone had breathed on it. :P

Our next event started in a cage. A caged area with a food truck 'Crepes for Change' was where we had dinner. He picked the savory while I went for the salted caramel with strawberries, banana and tim tams.

A fundraiser for 'Save the Children' there was live and silent auction, and $5 raffle tickets to have a chance at demolishing the gingerbread house.

In theory the gingerbread deco workshop was great. In practice it failed. You need to provide a gingerbread man per person. I only saw a couple people with one. Everyone else decorated tiny cookies, and the station turned into a candy buffet. 

We got there at 8pm and by 9pm I was bored and ready to go. There was nothing to do after the food had been consumed and a drink or two. We stayed for the auction as jas wanted to bid on stuff. He won an auction though wasn't quite sure what it was he was bidding on... it would be a good idea to have slides of what the lots are. You know, as there was already a projection on the wall.


It was a dessert platter RRP $300 at an totally ridiculous price in my opinion, as an events planner who does often organize the catering. But he said it was for charity, so it's his choice. What he really wanted was the $600+ medallion, which are tickets to some exclusive event at the MCG. 

Cake Pops by the Tea Party Co.

The Dessert Platter

Yes I do believe that's a chunk of the roof, no I didn't eat it.

=The event was a hit/miss, it was a hit in terms of a fundraiser but otherwise was meh. They ran out of food (canapes and cheese platters) at 8.30pm. The event went to 10pm-ish+. How are you going to keep people entertained and enticed to stay that long?

There was a bar, but nothing if you didn't drink like me. We need fruit juice. 

10pm and we were ready to go. An early night for a Saturday. It was something different though could have been done better. The events planner on the night looked very familiar too us, though I'm not sure where I've seen her before...

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