St Domenico's Pizza Bar @ Tuesday, January 19, 2016

Sunday 13th December
Charlie & Co. were given a voucher to dine here.

St Domenico Pizza Bar was our dinner destination this week. A traditional Napolentana style pizza bar that opened this year. It's more of a pizza eatery then bar though. 

We ordered take away to have a pizza picnic at the park. Service was iffy. The manager was great, though he knew Zomato sent us, while the front of house manager made us feel unwelcome and watched us suspiciously, this happens when you have a camera, a big one. 

We ordered three pizzas to share, a starter, meat and vegetarian, all thin based. The style was homemade, not sitting in between Dominos & Crust, but on a similar scale as other more gourmet pizza shops like Tipo 00, DOC and Pizza Religion. Unfortunately St Domenico was not up there. 

Margherita $14
Tomato, fior di latte (cheese), basil.

The margherita was on the plain side. It's meant to be basic but not so that it's pretty much just cheese and tomato paste, usually there's something about it. Simple but amazing is how it's meant to be. Also in the menu it said there was basil, I see no basil. 

Signature Tartufo $22
Mushroom, leg ham, truffle paste and fior di latte.

Unexpectedly there was large slices of ham, rather than small pieces. While there was flavour it tasted quite basic and lacked what would take it to the next level. Perhaps something green? As the sigiture pizza we expected more. 

 Mantovana $18
Roasted pumpkin, fior di latte, mascarpone, rocket, pine nuts.

The pumpkin was the best out of our selection, though not quite as generious on the pumpkin as prefered. Texture and flavours, all are covered in this creation, which is my favourite vegetarian pizza. I'd recommend this one if you're in town and just browsing.

A rhino around the corner, this will make it easier for you to find the place. ;) 

We had pizza at the park. 

There was a time capsule. I'd be amazed if it wasn't stolen before 2088.

Other interesting/morbid details of the park. Is there something inside the cane? Was a little girl killed here? Oh and there was a mini bridge and pond, with ducks.

I love gazebos! Best in a lake though.

Questionable service paired with average uninspiring pizzas we'd suggest looking elsewhere if you want a great pizza. Our prefer pizza place is Dominos custom range for $13, there's plenty of toppings and lots of cheese. It may be a franchise but a delicious one with good value and cheaper pizzas. If you're after something amazing try the mushroom pizza at DOC. 

St Domenico Menu, Reviews, Photos, Location and Info - Zomato

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