Elf Con x Nutcracker. Whoops. @ Wednesday, January 20, 2016

Monday 14th December

Does wearing black in summer really make you feel hotter?
Who is that girl? It's not Wednesday Adams...

A meeting and walk with a dog that didn't acknowledge me. It was a hot and day and he was black, so he must have been too hot/tired to care. Most of the time at the park was spent exploring and peeing/marking everything. I like him because he's a dog, though personally I'm indifferent as, I suppose he hasn't paid me special attention. :P

An hour with Telstra and we figured out how to hotspot the internet from the phone to laptop! We also found stock of the ice cream machine I'm after. After a few calls to Myer. Can't wait to make my own ice cream!
This is blue, not purple. Also the pink one is actually fluro. 

Edit: Its been months, and we haven't used it, seems awesome if you'll use it otherwise another novelty appliance like that snow cone and fairy floss machine. The popcorn one we use every few weeks though.

Dancing. 3/6 mormans present. I'd think they'd make interesting side characters. Mrs moran's father's a pretty chilled normal guy, the rest of them, there's something off about them. 3/6 of them are very quiet, suspiciously so.

When guys don't like each other they either avoid or attack. It's quite obvious. But girls are sneaky they do it in other ways, and don't always require verbal communication, body language or even looking in your direction.

A game of dominance was played tonight. What's her problem? Well obviously me. But seriously I've never spoken to this woman before, not even to say hi, as our paths don't cross. There is no doubt she knows of me though, her daughter doesn't like me and I sometimes dance with her son-in-law, morman. He only asks me to dance if he feels sorry for me that le beau never comes dancing, and we're the last two people standing. I try not to ask him, as he's not that keen on going out to lunch with us, but passively avoid us. 

So first I ask him to dance, but then she asks him and he picks her. Not a problem, she is his mother-in-law after all. But then later on she fast walks and steals my partner, the lady I usually dance with. I do dance with others, but mainly her and Beyonce. Not cool. She dumped morman who being a relatively innocent guy hasn't got a clue as to what's happening. Life is simple as a guy. And so he ends up dancing with me, as we're the last two people standing. He sensed something was wrong, that or I was death glaring the floor for most of the night. 

I didn't forget the steps, but I did forget to count, and nearly slipped a couple times. He caught me and guided me, and was extra nice to me, making an effort to talk to me. :) Did I smile? Probably not. He said he always makes someone cry in his class, though I was too distracted to clarify is he was the teacher or not, and if he's just showing off that he's a heart breaker. He's very confident and a bit too sure of himself. Does that come with being a cheerleader?

At some point, when he least expects it he will fall. Even if he is built like a very sturdy tree.


With Lite n Easy comes a pack of dry ice every week, I've always want to make a drink smoke, but is it a good idea? Google says no.

This week's food adventure wasn't as organized as hoped. We had lunch as a sandwich bar in a weekdays only food court, targeted at office workers. Yummy sandwiches in true American style.

This week's KitKat flavour was: almond brittle with salted caramel popcorn. Yum!

The evening was spent taste testing food, what we can't say all. But it was delicious and American :P


Dancing. The rare occurence of two guys, morman and buttons asking me for a dance, the same dance. 
"You go."
"No, you first."
Are guys that nice in traffic? XD I think they should joust, winner gets to dance with me. And no they're not into me. :P After a little deliberation they decided morman was going to dance with me.

It reminded me this hilarious Russian comedy film, Yolki 1914, which we saw a few months ago. Two guys, friends, fighting over a girl who leads them on a wild goose chase as a test. Which guys will win her? Neither, she just loves leading them on, and they love fighting over her. XD If you get a chance you have to see it!


Thursdays nights are event days and tonight we had three events. The first was the work party at a small hidden bar on a lane off the main street. It was small and crowded without high ceilings so it felt cramped, which totally reflects our branches, two of them anyway. It was a bit scary, as everyone knew each other. But one of the guys from another branch spoke to me, and after speeches some people left, and I found the other pirates. :) At work we have a team of staff and vollies, I'm both though have never actually done paid work. There wasn't anyone from my location, as we're one of the smaller branches. But previously I was a pirate, best work experience ever! And the managers were great too, but they've moved on now. Contracts expire and people move on.

The bar itself was a bit small and I think we should have picked somewhere with more air and space, the food was very good. Canapes like things on skewers, party pies (lamb & rosemary), things on a chip/crackers. There was an open bar, but being a Thursday most people had to go to work the next day. No pictures as people from work and the company itself follows me.

This week's performance was a jazz event at Bennett's Lane, featuring the works on Monk, who the pianist suggests is the Bach of Jazz. Tickets were $20 and there were two 45min sets with a break in between. We really enjoyed the event, set within a jazz club. I've never been to a jazz club and paid for a ticket before, so this was a first. Normally we get in for free thanks to work. :P Benefits of being in events. 

Online, google was celebrating Beethoven's 124th birthday with a fun game on the main page, where you reorder his compositions. Four of his most well known works: the 5th, fur elise, moonlight sonata and ode to joy. You can still play it here.

Le beau texted me about it. He loves moonlight sonata. And something I'd never forget is the summer of pianos, where we spent a day looking for pianos around the city and playing them. There was one on the bridge, so one night after a concert we stopped by, and he played under the moonlight. It was amazing and he quicky gained an audience. Playing moonlight sonata and clair de lune (no not from Twilight) under the moonlight on the piano over a river is a rare experience, perhaps even of a lifetime. Unless you want to hire a bridge and get a permit. 


Friday. Meetings, dr, home and dance. 

It was like an oven outside, I left the boarding house with wet hair and by the time I got to the tram three blocks away it was completely dry. Waiting for the bus I could feel liquid running down my skin. Showered again before going to dance. 

Think that but less sexy/fun and more like school uniform for the elf academy.

Elf Con, proudly sponsored by the mormans (there's a group of 6 of them that goes dancing). Morman's mom made costumes, she's that mom who makes all the costumes for the school play. And yet morman's not an artist? I didn't get the memo... and didn't wear red and green. Instead I wore silver and blue, a casual cosplay of the Snow Faerie from the Nutcracker.

My Headpiece

Work in Progress - Need to be more stiff. 

The mormans reguarly host themed parties, costumes required. That's awesome! Slightly wished we were cool like that, but like with fancy children's parties I'm glad we didn't, as I would really have anyone to invite. And when I do invite people unless we send out 'save the date' cards months in advance, everyone is just so busy all the time. 

We had fun at dance, people talk to me, not the mormans but Buttons and Beyonce was there. Beyonce's been dancing since '95! And coincidentally we both went to another studio but 20+ years apart.

Someone made a gingerbread house! It was too pretty to eat though I think if there was a small hammer beside it, it would have encouraged people to eat it. :P No one really bought drinks as everyone but me drove to the studio. I wanted to bring spiked punch, though didn't. If I drove I would have bought those glass drink dispenders with the best lemonade I've ever had. 

Meanwhile le beau was at the mso pop-up concert at the state libaray, hoping to surprize me. And someone else I've chatted to online was looking for me, though I wasn't there. 


The afternoon was spent deliberating. Dance or movie? I've paid for the movie but not dance. The movie might/n't go ahead. It opens at 5pm, which is when they'll announce if it's going ahead on not... no, you need to tell us a couple hours ahead, not everyone lives across thr road. 

In the end the movie was canceled so we went dancing, today there was an even number though my only regular that turned up was Beyonce. 

Beyonce has a picnic rug and bottle of wine in the car, just like le beau. Perfect for impromptue picnics! Though the wine needs to be somewhere else, somewhere cool.

Instead of a movie we went to dinner at ... formally known as Zorba Boyz, Greek Street Food & Burgers. I ate way too much... there was also chips and baklava for two..

Things my neighbor asks me for: milk, juice, meal food.
Intention of buying me back $5 a litre of milk? Probably low.
Like a lending pen, do I buy the cheap stuff? Nope, I'll just say no.
I enjoy living alone on top a remote hill.
Please leave me alone.

Who's got annoying neighbours or didn't get the memo for the Christmas party?

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