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25th December

This year instead of going to see the lights for Christmas we stayed in and watched a movie that had been on my list for a while, 'Beauty and the Beast' (French: La Belle et la Bête) a 2014 Franco-German romantic fantasy film. Set in the 1800s it was beatiful! The scenes, all the flowers, the magic, balls and ballgowns and all.  

The sisters are devastated about loosing their big house, with the loss of father's fortune. Their city house is repossessed and they are forced to move into a small cottage in the country, and adapt, from being a part of society to being simple country folk with no servants, and growing their own food. 

Belle is more acceptance of change than her sisters. Her father hears of news that they found a ship, though it is taken from him to cover his debts. He stays at a castle where the beast plays host for the night, as the story goes. The beast give him everything his daughters asked for, all the fancy clothes, and on his way out he takes a rose which enrages the beast. Though he lets him go home to say goodbye.

Belle returns in her father's place to the castle. 

There are scenes from the past of the beast's history, which I'm not sure if Belle sees in a dream? Belle looks similar to the beast's wife. This was the ballroom, where they held grand balls, once.

Instead of singing animated objects there are cute little dog like things! You'll see them in the dream sequence, they were hunting beagles, real dogs before the curse. 

Father is ill and the beast allows Belle to visit home, where the sisters think she is dead and envious of her clothes. Her brothers and the gang, led by Gaston storm the castle and steal stuff. In this version Gaston has no interest in Belle and is dating a fortune teller, who makes a smart move of running for it, rather than sticking around during the attack. 

The beast's hunting buddies from the past have been cursed too, and join the fight. They don't make it though, being minor unimportant characters. The beast is wounded, and a kiss doesn't cure him...

Luckily there is a magical spa/pond in the main bedroom with magical waters that does. All the scenes are so pretty! Though this Belle isn't interested in book, but prefers exploring.

Every day there is a new dress to wear, they're always very grand, I'm not sure what era it seems, as it's more of general fantasy, with the super puffy sleeves being 1500-ish Spanish. Not sure about that necklace there... 

They live happily ever though, move to be closer to Belle's father rather than live in the castle far far away. I can't recall what happens to the sisters, but I assume the beast shared his wealth?

I've never actually seen the Disney version, though know the plot. This French version's more complex with less sounds, though still featured two amazing songs, along with breath taking visuals. Wedding inspiration! That bill will certainly be breath taking!

The story I don't get. 

1. Why does the Beast like Belle? Because she's pretty and is blonde like his wife. 

2. Why does Belle like the Beast? She doesn't seem materialistic like her twin sisters who could also be Cinderella's step-sisters.

3. What did the beast do to redeem himself? He seems a bit of a d**k back when he was human. And didn't show any change. 

4. Why is the beast so old?! How do you know this is not a Hollywood film? The male lead is not a hot young guy. Also we don't see anyone doing it.

The story is very similiar with the Disney version (which I have never actually seen) except the Beast has a better backstory, and there's no guy after Belle, though the part of the bad guys is still filled.

For added cuteness there are these things which look like a strange version of a beagle, after one dream sequence you could tell that they were beagle, in the same way that the clock/candle/pot used to be servants of the house.

And for the boys there's plenty of low cut dresses and transforming nakid, because not everyone transfers from an animal to human clothed. :P

Have you seen this film?

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