The First Two Saturdays of Dec '15

Scroll originates from Thailand and spread across Asia (well mainly Malaysia it seems from instagram) and now it has arrived in Melbourne! Premiering at the Taste of Melbourne. We were on the scene to check it out and be the first customers one Saturday morning.

Two years ago Justin saw scrolled ice cream on a holiday trip to Thailand has decided to bring it to Melbourne, with his friend and partner (work partner) Sam. With a background in economics and accounting the team has opened up a pop-up shop on High St in Windsor, near Chapel St and Lucky Coq, opposite Huxtaburger. Plenty of trams, not much parking.

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The Menu

The scrolls are made using milk and cream from St David’s Dairy in Fitzroy. It’s then poured onto a -20°C cold plate and left to freeze. Different fillings are then added before being flattened against the mixture like a pancake. It’s then scraped up to form four or five pretty scrolls, and served up in a cup. - Broadsheets

Jas had the 'Tim Tam Slam' with surprise peanuts. I prefer crushed Tim Tams. Later he realized that he'd received a different one, the Nutella. But being English he didn't say anything and didn't want to make a fuss. He does not enjoy telling me what he thinks of the food either, unlike Lola who gives it to the poor waiter. XD 

I had the 'Coco' coconut ice cream with blueberries and lychee. It was very good, though I'd like to try something else next time. The flavours were there, but to me blueberries here are more like waterberries as they're nothing like back home. Lychee I love though, it was good but not amazing. Average. 

If you don't come during peak hours there's seats! And games to play.

That's an awesome wall! One hell of a feature wall!

A week later we were back again! This time it was Andy & I, for a workshop!

Andy made the Tim Tam Slam with a coffee base that contained 
high water content hence froze faster and was trickier to create.

The plate is -20c like our freezer, with the middle being warmer and coils of coldness around it. The milk base is poured into the plate and you immediately start moving it around, so it doesn't freezer over, chopping it to keep the consistency right. When the consistency is right you spread it out in a rectangle, and start scrolling!

I made the pavlova with strawberries and meringue, which was even better than the blueberry lychee coconut! And I love all things lychee/coconut!

It was fun, though a workout to be doing this all the time! Adding this one to the list of awesome thing I've done including going on a krispy kreme tour!

Pavlova with Strawberries and Meringue

Checking out the ice cream! Ignore the bad choice of background...

At $10 each this is pricey. Though we'd try it about twice thrice. Messina's a few stops away around the corner and I prefer them. Scroll's point of differentiation is the presentation and the way they look, other than that it's just ice cream. At $10 for 2.5 scoops in size that's average for ice cream these days.

Have you been to Scroll? They're only around till the end of Feb '16 till moving off further away from the city and trams! Perhaps Knox it's rumored. Which flavour would you try? I can't wait for the tiramisu!

Scroll Ice Cream Menu, Reviews, Photos, Location and Info - Zomato

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