THE Brunch @ Yaya Chica @ Saturday, January 16, 2016

Saturday 12th December

We were in town one Saturday, at an ice cream workshop, which you can read all about here (link), and Yaya Chica just happened to be both on my list of places to visit, and in the area! Whenever exploring an unfamiliar area I like to eat locally! 

A brunch and dinner restaurant with 6 different spaces, set in a long house. From cafe to the drinks at the high bar table, an intimate dinner in a fruit wallpapered like living room with a fireplace, casual dinner with friends in the lounge to dinners right at the back, in the shadows. 

Is it a bar or restaurant? Both I'd say, though I favour the brunch menu.

As we were here for lunch we sat by the window at the front, cafe style seating, with ideal lighting for pictures and ordered a juice. But this place is amazing, think of a long house, a themed long house, with each room sporting a different style! Yes that's what my house would look like. :P

Freshly Pressed Juices $7
Orange & Apple Base + Passionfruit + Mint
Sieved and free of pulp these were just the way I like it.

The third space, the first was the cafe round tables, the second rectangular tables for two, no pics as there were people there, and not enough that they'd just ignore the camera. Bag hooks under the table would be great. If you love your bar stools sit here. With a high ceiling there was lots of air and space.

The next room feels like a funky dinning room, it probably once was actually.

The Dining Room - Lighting has been brightened, a lot.

The Chill Zone

The Shadows

Trio of Mushroom $18 (+$3 for poached egg)
Herbed kipfler rosti (fancy hashbrown), sauteed wild mushrooms, 
kale & spiced almond salad, beetroot puree  and halomi

Until I started writing about food I have never had mushrooms, and I found that I really like them! This dish was perfect! The saltiness of the cheese paired with the poached egg and a spoonful of salad with the crunch of the almonds and sweetness of beetroot. This is undoubtedly one of the best dishes I've ever had!

Crispy Pork Belly Benedict $20
With adobo hollandaise, pickled purple fennel on a brioche bun.

Andy like most people loves pork, and this went down a treat though he prefered it with a salad on the side. A benedict is defined the ingredient and is always a breakfast/brunch dish served on an English Muffin with hollandaise sauce. This was more of an open faced double protein burger.

Nope, we didn't get the shot I was after.

Can we have a lunch dessert? Only when there's something I really want on the menu. :P

Vanilla Bean Creme Brulee with Summer Fruits $13
Creme brulee is one of my top 3 favourite desserts, and a classic. This would have been served as dessert at our wedding, if we weren't already serving our wedding cake. 

A perfectly torched sugar top which cracked with the gentle tap of the spoon revealed a smooth caramel custard rich with vanilla bean. Served with raspberries & blueberries it was delicious!

Outdoor Seating

Reasonably priced, for brunch that is, this was the best meal we've had in a long time! A place to go for a date or with friends, it's a place to remember and return to. Highly reccomended! Though only quote me on the dish I ordered. :P

Can't wait to return!

What's the best brunch place, or brunch dish you've ever had?

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