Wednesday 21st June

Rustica is the most popular bakery x cafe to pop-up on the brunch scene and with multiple inner city locations they're here to stay. Recently, well perhaps just this May they've opened a canteen in Hawthorn, on the main street consisting of two blocks, and just three blocks away from the house too! I swear every time I'm on my way out (moving) brunch spots pop-up.

Located a block uphill from Hawthorn station or drive downhill from Glenferrie it's a great location for our meetings. There's no parking though... or it's rare, most of the streets require a parking permit so it's best to train or tram it (route 75, one stop before/after the station).

All the baked things! Plenty of sweet treats and also loafs to take home.

Everything looks great! So many choices...

There's an average number of seats? Well average for this area, being inner city. As we dined during thee week there were never any lines. There are booths further down, also seats outdoor for smokers, and a high communal table. The booth are my favourite spot to sit with a good book, or just me and the camera.

Meetings over matcha lattes $4.50, it wasn't very strong but fine. H (a neighbour, who never got a name) a simple guy who (knows nothing about food other than how not to gain weight - till he met me and my baking!) asks what exactly is a matcha latte. It's matcha flavoured milk, with a powder. But good matcha is $$. I like them but reckon they're overrated, though average priced for something in the hot drink category. Tea, now that's something that's overpried when you're paying for a tea bag and hot water. 

Coffee Pops Cronut $7.50

We compromised with a coffee cronut as in the afternoon (like 3pm) they were sold out of the raspberry & lychee, and a lot of the bakery.  

A cronut is when a croissant and donut gets together. Ok it's a croissant but slightly oilier in the shape of a donut with icing and deco on top and a cream/curd filling. I loved the raspberry with lemon curd. Orange blossom was another favourite.

Coffee, quite strong, with coco pops on top. This serves at least two. I ate it layer by layer and was slipping away into a food coma towards the end, while H watched. This is why I eat alone :P 

Service was friendly. Inside it was very warm.

Tuesday 27th June

Lunching on main street at Rustica. Do I want the mushrooms, or sandwich? Which one? Oh idk... but there's no way I'm getting smashed avo :P (personal preference), as it's way too basic. I like to order their special, something that they do well, a specialty.

We dragged bio guy here on the way to a meeting, for there is nothing he despises more than brunch and travel. I'm a pusher, I won't deny that I enjoy forcing people to try new foods, and getting Henry to watch anime when he has no interest. None at all, he was just being nice.

Roasted mushrooms, mixed greens, reggiano cheese, poached eggs, 
white truffle oil + kale and walnut pesto w olives + basil on sourdough $19

Well that was different, instead of a name for the dish it's a slab of ingredients. 

The dish was very hearty though was missing that extra something, that sweetness caramelized onion would have added. The elements worked in unison to create a range of textures and flavours from the salty olives to poached egg and earthy meatiness of the mushrooms.  

It was very good, filling, and definitely recommended if you like mushrooms. I'd get this again, though we don't really brunch so this was a treat. Brunch is pretty much the most expensive meal of the day, and involves being out in sunlight :P

Slow roasted lamb shoulder, rosemary, garlic & cumin yoghurt, 
red onion, iceberg lettuce, lemon sumac salt w demi baguette $15

Melt in your mouth lamb, with cumin in yoghurt. Red onion, ideally pickled but not strong enough. Just missing something seems to be the story of this place, he said. When asked if he recommends it he shrugs and says, sure "if it's your thing" but he won't get it again, and says to sure to ask for extra yoghurt, also add a sprinkling of pepper. 

There was a curried egg that accompanied the baguette didn't seem to fit. 
A dish on its own. This also came with Henry's sandwich.

An Afternoon in June/July

When you take forever to get there that your +1 orders lunch :P H has no memory of what this is, other than it was good, and he might get it again. Noting that there were sandwiches and baguettes in the display that is cheaper when you get takeaway.

I hate cinnamon in my matcha latte, it doesn't even go together. If you must you may sprinkle white chocolate flakes or dip the rim in dark chocolate then sprinkles or chocolate flakes. We've been here multiple times and this is the first time its happened.

We had a few meetings here though found sometimes it was too noisy, not the other patrons but the music. Especially for a weekday afternoon! So we moved somewhere else. 

It is a nice corner spot though, especially if you grab a booth. Brunch here is you like, though we've ticked Rustics off the list and shall only be back for the bakery.

Service is always friendly, even if they mess up your coffee.

Have you been to Rustica? What are your thoughts on cronuts?

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