Moving On & Out @ Wednesday, July 05, 2017

Tuesday 13th June

The morning started off with picking up some cupcakes from Little Cupcakes for my moving assistant/baby sitter. They were good but these days I prefer Cupcake Central. 

Afternoon tea snacks from Little Cupcakes. A bit dry, but perfect in size. Lemon was just a bit on the top, and just a vanilla cupcake. I was hoping it was also filled with lemon butter/custard. The coffee one had a generous frosting. $2.50 each

Lunch @ Cherry & Twigs

The afternoon was spent packing, 50% complete! We almost finished the kitchen. Someone has been in my room since I've been away...

Back to the office for a nap, before taking a 40min trip to dinner at The Bay in Mordialloc,  a beach city town far far away. I'm actually over 90mins away, but it was easy to get to from the city.


After a productive day yesterday today we failed. The assumption that we still have time seems to be a key issue, along with a visit from lady mb, though this time she left a video message rather than a visit in person. But still we made to a game of hide and seek, dinner and dance!

Dinner from Sauced Pasta Bar, the pesto penne, basic and better with chicken but that's an extra cost. Not a fan of those build your own dishes that ends up being much more than you expected. I don't think I could tell the difference between freshly made and packaged pasta anyway. This dish was quite good actually and not crazy salty, that we actually finished it, in two sittings as the serve was large. 


An early start started with a coffee at the Esp Bar, the Belgium hot chocolate in milk was awesome!

Meetings then onto errands and lunch at Juno and May. Service took forever as there were a couple people and only one guy on. There's a bar! This place goes from brunch to dinner!

Sweet potato chorizo and gouda fritters w avocado, two poached eggs, romesco sauce 19

Delicious and filling, it's the chorizo that takes it that next level up. The potato isn't actually sweet and works well with the cheesy texture  and saltiness/spices of the chorizo. Only one special element, I feel like it needs more than that, perhaps a tomato relish 


A visit to Mason Dixons new place! A weekday lunch food court with plenty of seats located downstairs on Little Bourke, still those great sandwiches but with some additions to the menu.

Our favorite menu item has to be pie! Garret does the best pies! Today's offer was key lime and chocolate. Zingy and citrusy it's the perfect snack to re.... from the stuffy rooms of winter, a breathe of freshness dancing on your tongue. The crust is unlike the usual dense buttery ones, instead it reminds me of a cookie, a sweet one. It's one perfect pie!


Lunch at Phancy Cafe. I ate a muffin. I threw up.

Is that a leg or a herb?! Why is there a herb in my muffin?! Oh gawd on further inspection there is a fly's leg in my muffin!!! *internal screaming* If this is the leg, where is the rest?!!

I haven't been near a muffin since and people I confided in are still making jokes about me!

A concert at the music hall did make me feel better, though more than a month on it still makes me feel queasy to think about it!

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