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Wednesday 16th March

Oppa Kitchen in Swanston x QV is a well known cheap eat Korean place, known for their unique presentation of serving of (beef/pork belly) meals in buckets and bugs in the food according to zomato reviews. Hence we were hesitant, but with the professor persisted. 

Good to know. The Nab atm is uphill before Subway on the left. 

Trendy lighting, not so great for my pictures, paired with loud modern music brings in the younger crowds, the millennials, of which we aren't *sigh* it's a bit like a club during dinner. No frills, dine and dash style it's often full but people move fast. Pressed for time is when we stop by in between shows for a quick meal.

Our first visit was in March one night after the runway, a cold windy night.

Original Fried Korean Fried Chicken (Small) $6 

Boneless chicken thigh with Korean Spices

The fried chicken was spicy though not hot and delicious! With a couple wedges and fried rice noodle things (ref korean festival). The cabbage and sweet chili mayo cut down on the fried goodness.

Tofu & Mushroom Noodle Soup $11

+ fried tofu & shitake mushroom + chargrilled spring onion and seaweed

The samurai/professor had a tofu mushroom udon which he said was just like the Japanese one. 

I went back a few months later and had the beef bulgogi noodle soup, it was quite good. Very satisfying with plenty of noodles it could have used more beef. Because the beef was mixed in instead of on top they weren't as flavoursome. Though the brooth was. Deep in spices with bit of spring onion floating in it. Very satisfying on a winters night. 

Dinner for Two.

Beef Bulgogi Meal $11
Marinated in Korean BBQ Sauce

Dosirak is a single portion take away or home packed meal common in Korea. Dosirak is served with choice of your favorite meat selection on Rice along with fresh salad in Oriental Soy dressing, deep fried potato hash and pickled radish. 
TLDR; Dosirak = Korean Bento

I went for the bulbugio set with beef, rice and salad. Sweet salty bbq marinade it was quite good though not amazing like kopan. At $11 I'd give it another go, and try other cheap dishes on the menu.

Service was very quick, though it's cash only. Also there's more seats upstairs.

A salad of some sort *forgot to take notes*

Soy Garlic KFC $6

Boneless chicken thigh in Korean sweet garlic soy sauce

Friday 30th June

Boneless Chicken with Curry & Rice $11

A mild Korean curry with carrot, potato, onion, zucchini 
& home made pickled radish served with rice

We had a curry, very filling though deep fried was a mistake. A potato mash croquet, though dash then dine meant that it was a bit soggy. A bit saltier than the noodle soup though still good. 

Tables were wiped in between patrons. Very fast and full, as often. Which was good to see.

After a few visits we're ready to do a full review as we've had a rice dish, curry and now noodle. We never got to have the bucket, as the dish I wanted doesn't come served like that and bimpmap doesn't appeal to me.

Loud Korean pop such a difference. This world is too loud. I don't like it. I want to go back to my world where the loudest thing we'd hear was the steam train. I was born in the wrong era. I like to get takeaway and eat quietly in the office though. It's not that loud but life is too loud for me.

Great central location for a cheap eat, $12 and under though it's cash only.

Oppa Kitchen Menu, Reviews, Photos, Location and Info - Zomato

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