Duck @ The Bohemian @ Wednesday, August 23, 2017

Thursday 27th July

It's windy out here and as a city that's in winter half the year I'd expected it to be empty during winter. It's great on warm days though. We were in the area just a week or two ago.

Dinner at Bohemia, South Wharf. It's packed at the beer bar and common man tonight filled with delegates/people from the conference next door. A convention for chemists, bio, advanced and novel. I have no idea what these things are...

It was a quiet night at the Bohemian with only a handful or two of diners, in groups. 

Slow-cooked duck leg with roast purple potatoes, 
fried kale, grapes,apple purée, red wine jus (GF) $30

The duck was fine though got boring. I like the cranberry in the sauce. Fried kale was different. I can't say I like it... They're like oil sprayed leaves, why? Wouldn't really recommend this. It was an interesting range of textures. Grapes in the apple puree was nice.

Dessert was a 'Deconstructed Raspberry Cheesecake', that was pretty good. As good as last time, with plenty of cream cheese. We've been here before for an event, desserts! Check out that post here.

Service was very friendly. Worth a visit? Probably not.

But the area is lovely on warmer evenings!

Of the South Wharf series we've sample a few of them, though Meat Market is my pick - for your steaks. Bangpop is great for Thai, and Akachohin we've yet to revisit, though that's on the list.

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