Brunching @ The Train Yard @ Saturday, September 02, 2017

Charlie & Co. dined as guests.
Saturday 19th August

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Heading north for today's adventure we're off to brunch at 'The Train Yard' in Heidelberg. With a name like that you betcha it's within walking distance of the station, just on the main road. Eltham line. If you're in the area check out the castle.

A modern setting, not hipstery with exposed walls or uncomfortable seating, however there's still plenty of man buns around. :P

Seated out back in the beer garden it was a lovely afternoon (surprisingly so given the wet and windy weather this week!) in the warmth of the heaters and later the sun. 

Oreo Milkshake & Espresso Martini

I love that if you don't drink that's ok, there's plenty of non-alcohol drinks to choose from including a range of house made cold pressed juices, smoothies and milkshakes! 

What's your poison? We love a good G&T!

Coney Island Hot Dog

Poke Bowl - brown rice, red cabbage, broccolini, beetroot, avocado, 
roasted sweet potato & hummus topped with Harissa grilled chicken

What's for brunch? Everything sounds amazing! Mushrooms, fried chicken & waffles, other waffles, pancakes, superfood salads. The menu is your oyster* and there's something for everyone.

*there are no oysters on the menu :P

Superfood Salad

Enoki mushrooms, tossed baby spinach, kale, beetroot, quinoa 
house seed mix with a honey & dijon vinaigrette + house cured salmon 

 Fried Chicken & Waffle with Maple Syrup

Pulled Pork Burger

Train Yard Benedict
Two panko crumbed eggs, smoked bacon, fresh chilli & herbs 
finished with a housemade Sriracha hollandaise on grilled roti bread

Oreo Milkshake - I love my milkshakes and the classic oreos was my to go drink. How was it? A dream in a drink! Other flavours that are awesome included mint slice (choc mint) and peanut butter.

Ronnie Biggs
100% wagyu beef patty w/ smoked bacon, American cheddar, 
onion, lettuce tomato, pickles, mustard & housemade chilli jam
+ seasoned french fries served w/ tomato sauce & housemade aioli
+ sweet potato chips + sweet chili mayo dip

Meanwhile Fernando had a burger, not the most exciting thing on the menu, but there is something for everyone here *shrugs*. He did ask me to order for him, but I thought I'd let him choose, bad decision.

It was a great brunch he said, the burger was a challenge to eat though really good. "I loved the extra kick the chilli gave it, but it did need a relish to tie everything together. Relish and chilli would have been amazing."

He had it with a serve with sweet potato chips with a Red Rock deli sweet chili mayo dip - which he didn't share. "I feel like more needs to be said on the chips about how me not sharing was because I liked it too much ..." - Fernando.

Wild Mushrooms on Brioche

Sauteed wild mushrooms w/ rocket & parmesan, a fried egg 
truffle oil on toasted brioche + a side of avocado rose

When your side comes literally on a side plate! 

"I'd add a quick little bit about the avocado slices being put together, really cool, but only because I enjoyed watching you pull it apart" - Fernando.

As my first meal today I went with savory, but still what to order... The classic mushroom dish, every brunch spot will do a mushroom dish. And I love mushrooms. Even better on brioche. 

A huge thick cut slice of beautiful soft buttery brioche, was the bed to this lovely dish, a marriage of mushrooms, cheese, an egg and that extra special something - truffle oil! It was delicious, I loved it and would most definitely order this again.

Should mention that this dish is HUGE, that's why the food looks small - but it isn't . It's quite filling and the perfect size.

Group shot with Wandering Ella & her +1.

We can see this being quite a hit with warmer days creeping up. But then again there's always the great indoors! I've read that this spot, the beer garden in particular is a hidden secret! For dinner there's slow cooked meats from the smoker on offer, we simply must return soon!

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