Dinner @ Massi @ Friday, September 08, 2017

Tuesday 8th August

Dinner at Massi on a Tuesday evening, we've been here before for lunch and it was delicious, though admittedly over the budget, if it weren't for some special offers. 

Truffle Salumi, rustic style with black truffle $12

Saffron pea and scamorza arancino + basil pesto 5pp

I love arancini and these were no exception! I love that it's served in a ceramic egg holder.

Being Italian there's plenty of choices when it comes to wine, alas we just came from the bar tonight. And it's only Tuesday. Jas was delighted to spot a celeb on the table next to us, a chef he's a fan of.

A small space, though high ceilings help. I prefer lunch lighting.

Lasagna without the white sauce. This is what happens when you don't take pictures of the menu, no one knows what the dish is called. Jas did enjoy it, and I was jealous :P.

Green pasta with McDonald-smelling halloumi cheese. Jas says I've just ruined halloumi cheese for him XD But seriously it does smell like a cheeseburger from McD. The pasta dish itself was good but need something more, perhaps chicken? As it got boring. 

Chocolate Mousse with Honeycomb, and Cherry cough syrup. 

Wow that syrup was gross!! The mousse was good, but I wouldn't get this again.

Jas's cannoli he really liked, was much better without a cough syrup XD

Everything was good, though not amazing. Much like Mr Bianco. Where do we go for pasta? I personally just make it myself, from the supermarket kind and honestly can't taste the difference between housemade pasta and dried packet type.

Service was great, and the bill came to $104, though we paid $52 thanks to an offer from Dimmi. Will we be back? Sure, with a special offer, though not at full price. 

Where do you go for pasta?

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