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Sunday 25th June

Laksa King "recently" opened in Glen Waverley at the end of the station perhaps within the last year or so, we didn't really notice as we've been away. Yes it is related to the one up in Flemington, as so we were excited to try the laksa - which we did on our second visit.

No.75. Prawn Dumpling Noodles $14
Thin egg noodles, prawn dumplings and vegetables in a clear chicken broth

A wonton'ish dumpling noodle soup. A basic classic, could be interpreted as bland without the sambal. But I like it and it's exactly what I needed after a week or rather almost month of dining out daily. There's lots of noodles, and I'm a carb loader. Double what I needed I struggled. Takeaway was offered as at 9.30 they were closing, along with more broth, but I wasn't going to finish it later on. 

Damn 1.5% card fee, $14.21

Service was very friendly, the glass was dirty, the manager was great though a bit chatty.
We arrived at 9pm, last order for the night.

Sunday 13th August

No.61 Chicken Curry Laksa $13

Pan-fried chicken breast, yellow noodles, vermicelli tofu, eggplant, bean shoots, fried shallots and mint

We had the chicken curry laksa, which wasn't creamy enough though a bit hot for me. And while that chicken ain't rubber it's something. Chicken loaf. Densely packaged chicken. Compressed. Tastes like artificial eats of childhood. 

The bowl was a huge serving. Generous serve of chicken. The slices were too big to come straight from a chicken without being processed. Is this what canned chicken is like?

Can't say I'd get this ever again or reccomend it.

No.112 Chendol $6

Green strands of jelly made from green pea flour 
with palm sugar and coconut milk (ice optional)

Dessert was nice, served as a drink it needs more coconut milk also sugar, as I prefer it sweeter, being a sugar addict.

Eric the manager was very friendly as always. Service was very fast, and it was almost fill, the place. Sunday dinner was full though no bookings are required for a table for one.

There was a dirty spoon and cup, so this isn't the cleanest place, and it's not the first time.

What are your favourite restaurants in Glen Waverley?

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