All the Moves - Hawthorne (Part 3) @ Monday, October 23, 2017

March 2017

We hated the neighbours and quit, there was a gas leak (a coincidence) and we left in a hurry. I procrastinated too long and never got pictures of the room all set up, so these last minute shots are the best we can do. Lighting was not on my side. We had to leave everything for months before it was safe to return to move.

Do excuse the mess, I didn't plan to take photos that day, and there was a gas leak. The bag on the floor doesn't live there, that's laundry to be put away. The fan wasn't meant to be there either.

In the far back under the window (covered in baking/tracing paper to soften the light) is my photo board next to the freezer chest. The draws, on top is where I kept a small cleaning kit and the 'to be washed' pile lived.

To the right of the entry was the corner for bags, hats and things that were for going out. Train/tram timetables and the likes. In the draws were things I often took out (bag hooks, ear plugs, passport), all the chargers, reusable bags, shoe kits and I don't recall what else.

On top of the fridge lived a bag off plastic bags, and my lunch bag. On the side of the wardrobe I stuck up some magic hooks (3m) and put up some belt hangers for my necklaces. You'll see on the back of the door we've used over the door hooks (refer to the North Melbourne House). I didn't get a picture of the wardrobe, but there's two hanging parts, then three draws on one side. The other side is just shelves, for cleaning stuff, shoes, suitcases, water supplies and books.

My desk wasn't against the wall, but rather in a position where I could see the door and out the window. We didn't have room for a bedside table so I had a tray on the table behind the laptop. This desk is small, but the unit on top is perfect!

Yes that clothes horse (which looks nothing like a house) always lives there, for towels, tea towels and gloves/sponges/aprons to be hung upon. That white dress was a project I was working on.

Behind the clothes horse I had a trolley for props, flowers, backgrounds, little things to use in photo shoots. I also had gold painted/planted dishes and cups, and lots of scatters. In the background to the left is the laundry basket.

A bookshelf. I've got more in the wardrobe. Stationary also lived here. An under utilized space. I did consider putting shoes here, but it was a bit far from the door.

This is the pantry. A well used space. Sections for baking ingredients, baking stuff, all the ingredients, a spice rack. Plates and co. in the pull tubs. I had it all. I even used the doors. On the right I added an over the door rack which had hooks too (from an asian shop).

And on the left I had my pinboard ($2 revamped from goodwill) with appointment reminders, the pantry stock list, shows I wanted to see and menus from restaurants I wanted to eat at.

This shot was taken long before moving day, it's the mantel of the fireplace where I display pretty things. Like crystal glasses and candles, also snowglobes, I love those.

We came back a couple months later to pack. Packing took literally two months as for the first month I used my preferred style of using bags. But it turned out that I need to pack them into boxes. The boxes picture above are only half of the room, this half was sent into storage (along with my fitbit charger!) while the bags went home.

Monet took about 20min to wrap in about 20 metres of bubble wrap. We were meant to wrap it again in kraft paper, but I forgot to bring it. For others involved it was a nightmare, but for me it was less of a nightmare than being in that house.

So, where to next? I'm working on it. But I know no boarding house will take me on ever again, because those neighbours I hate, they're a growing bred and are working on world domination. One organization at a time, they took down my office, and I quit. I rather die than accept their rule.

What did I learn from living with others? People really suck. And I'm after a Christian Girl's Boarding House, but there aren't many around in this area and in this era.

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