An Average Week Really @ Thursday, October 12, 2017

Tuesday 22nd August

Last night we were lucky to find an Ikea Raskog trolley cart for $30 on craigslist and picked it up this morning. Perfect condition, this is $60-70 from Ikea. I'd say it's worth every penny but I know that if you keep watching craigslist you'll find one. 

Not my picture - we don't get sunlight. 

I do already have one for the bathroom (that doesn't live in there) for all my face/body stuff, but I wanted a second one, and at $30 we couldn't resist even if it was about an hour away. 

This one's black, while the other one is teal. You can buy the non-slip mat from ikea and cut it to size, though I didn't need it. This one's for the study. 

  • The top is for everyday things like the planners, pens, sticky notes, highlighters. Also clipboard and current files e.g. notes for the dr and an event I'm working on.
  • Middle - ziplock bags, laptop cleaning kit, colouring in books (never used tbh). A tray for little things, currently holding a candle, jar for coins and earplugs. 
  • Bottom - Incoming mail/parcels, and reusable bags. 

I'd love to use it for my craft supplies, though a room won't fit on a cart. Loving all the guides on how to use this trolley in every room. Here's 60 ideas alone

Note - Don't use it in the bathroom or rather live there though, it might rust!
P.S. We love the cleaning kit.

Brunching at Lava in Balaclava, there wasn't anything I really wanted so we just went for a snack. And then realize we should have lunch so went to another place.

Lunch from Kokido, sounds jap but isn't. It's an Indian inspired chicken shop. Bright cherry deco, but that's about it where the positives end sadly (except for the fries).


The day started with a workshop with a make-up artist/writer, featuring W7 a UK brand exclusive to CW. We heard they speicalize in dupes. Copies of high end/expensive brands. 
YSL, Benefit Blush/Mascara, Nars Blush, Urban Decay Eye Shadow, Bourjois - Baked Eye Shadow, Clinque Chubby Sticks

e.g. W7 palette 'In the nude' = Urban Decay's Naked 3 palette; 
W7's 'In the buff' = UD Naked 2 palette
W7's 'In the buff: lightly toasted' = UD's original Naked palette. (blackkittykat82)

Everything is $5 at the most even foundation (except the shadow palette $10), nail polishes $3 at CW. And sometimes they do BOGOF. The event was sponsored by CW. If you're after reviews, amazon is the place to go. Though I think while it's UK designed it's actually made in china, like most things.

Dinner from Purple Peanuts, soba on the go. A little salty for me, and the noodles were too soft. :( No pictures as we ate it on the tram on the way to class. We often eat on the go.


Lunch at Henry's. Delicious and a huge serving! We can't wait to return.

Dinner with jas at Chaihanna. A bit hot for me though delicious! We're sad to say goodbye.


Hello Daffodil Day! We didn't sell much, though we've had worse results with other events.

Chadstone does these events on the weekends to get more people in where you can win a range of prizes. They're worth $20 if you win. If not you'd get a spend and save offer. More on that in another post. 

$4 Macaroons flown in frozen from Switzerland at Laudree. We had the orange blossom and pistachio. It was great though really on par with any good macaroon shop, though costs more being imported. $3 is standard. Worth a try? No not really, it's depending on the brand name.


We finally saw Sleeping Beauty! One of the only two princesses to have both parents, the other being Rapunzel. While being alive they're absent and don't play an active role though.
There's some references to Disney's Sleeping Beauty in Barbie as Rapunzel like.. 
1. The two kings are about the same - in shape.
2. Stefan is a prince, not king. Repeat use of the name.
3. The three faeries/princesses on the balcony during the dance using the same lines in a similar scene

I loved the music especially the main song. Our first dance song, the evil music that plays for Mal, her theme. It's not really explained why she's evil but we just accept it.

Lunch at Heritage Wall. Extremely minimalist deco a stark contrast to the tea cafe that used to be there. The food was very good, so many elements. As if the venue was a paint palette and all the focus was on the food.

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