Something New - Sri Lankan @ Chaihana @ Tuesday, October 17, 2017

Friday 21st July + Friday 25th Aug + A Few Other Visits

Through Liven we discovered Chaihana, a small family ran restaurant specializing in Sri Lakan food, located near Church x Victoria St. Its taken so long to post this review as we returned multiple times to try everything! And also I wanted daylight pictures, which was a struggle in winter. 

There's parking in the tiny street before the restaurant, though it's very close to the trams.

Inside the restaurant is filled with light (when you dine for lunch), featuring interesting deco, homely prints with spots of greenery. The menu does a change a little.

Breakfast Hopper $9 

Sir lankan hoppers, an egg basket with potato pumpkin, onion caramelized and hot stuff. An entree but perfect snack. I've never had a bowl made from egg before so I thought this was pretty cool. A bowl that you can eat.

Somosa $4

We returned another time for lunch and were invited to try the somosa, which I was told is similar to the dish that wasn't on the menu during this visit. A square of puff pastry filled with minced beef and onions, which was the perfect size for something on the sometimes list. It was well seasoned and balanced.

Mild Chicken Curry $14

Boneless chicken cooked with a rich combo of Sri Lakan spices and coconut cream

It's not too spicy I say as my nose and eyes are running like a leaky tap XD It was really good though. The creamy pumpkin helped dial down the spices which was too much for me. I like how it was a few different things to go with the rice, there's purple cabbage, spicy lentils, the chicken curry itself, pumpkin and then the potatoes. That's the thing left of the purple, it was sweet and amazing, a complex spice mix that I can't tell what it is, but loved it! it wasn't like anything I've had before.

Honey Crepe Cake $5

This cake is amazing! It remind me of the crepe cake from Jinda, but the texture was different. It's super creamy and the prominent flavour is honey. It always amazes me, all those layers *drools*, I've never made a cake that's more than one layer myself. We always get this every visit, at $5 it's a pretty good price. Jinda is $8.50 for a slice with ice cream these days. I think it's this cake.

A Return for Dinner

Breakfast Hopper $9

Spicy On-the-Bone Chicken Curry $13

Lamb Curry $15

Chunks of lamb fully infused in a perfect blend of flavourful exotic spices.

The honey crepe cake, made in house. Creamy though not as the crepe cake, with strong honey notes. It was delicious!

It's always very quiet here as everyone's getting delivery, and at the time of our first visit they'd only been open for four months ago.

Service was great, the owner and his wife the cook & caker maker were very friendly.

3rd October

I had planned to go to Chaihanna, but since our last visit they've closed!?

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