Hello October - Again @ Friday, November 17, 2017

So it turns out I already did this post already... well here's v2.

Monday 2nd October

It's amazing how I could get up at 6.30 and know at 11am that I'm going to be late for that 2pm, when I already left the house... there were bus changes, things took longer than expected. 

Lunch from New York Deli on the corner it's hard to find under the construction.Though that smokey potato salad was amazing! Unfortunately they closed before we could return...


The day started with a meeting, running late so we had time to check out a chocolate factory outlet. Their hot chocolate isn't Hiller's though, just powder.


Lunch from Aunty Franky Lee, this place has been on the list for a while. Mother Hen Soup, it was a bit salty for me, and I'm not a fan of wings... but I did like the mushroom.

It's the Law was a fast paced comedy without a single dull moment! They sure talk fast! Peopled out for the day we required a nap after. Definitely recommended for a light hearted but fast talking movie.


The afternoon event was canceled so we took the occasion to check out the Moon Festival at Crown. Which we've never made it to before, so it was a first.

50 Shades of Durian $14-ish
By Pufflets on Therry St
Egg waffles with durian cream and gelato, wafer cubes, cornflakes and puree!
It was very nice, though all about the food porn. If I wasn't taking a picture I'd just get the durian ice cream for $5. Those wafer cubes are gross! Fake durian or durian flavour tastes and smells like a gas leak!!

Later we'd go up to Brunswick.


I think we saw a movie on this day. Was good, a bit sad though. No costume porn.

Lunching at @whitemojo . We had the meatballs for something real rather than high on the food porn scale (we did that yesterday).
Wagyu Meatballs. Very good though needs an extra something. Perhaps more cheese? Mango Chutney or more salsa? It was an entree...  Entree sized and this one of the more filling options! The idea is to order three dishes to share btw two, $60 + coffee. Brunch is crazy!

In the evening we went to a classical music thing at Monash, loved it!


Up to Brunswick for lunch, just a snack as they're busy and I'm late, as always.

Back at 3.45 for lunch, not so packed.

Very generous serving, especially as the mushrooms were meant to be bacon. She didn't pause and say they can take out the bacon but mushrooms are an add on, as I'd expected.

Pavlova 5.20 huge slice!! The last one, it was meant to be. We're sharing it with jas because the last time I refused to share (yes pav then too) we went into a food coma (that or we were drugged in a cafe).

You're not going to believe this but I got lost next! Auto pilot took us to the North Melbourne House instead of Town Hall, so we were late... but we only miss the first part, sadly also the best! Went to some talks, one was 'How to Run' and was a workshop... no one was prepared to actually run XD

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