Korean Nights @ Seoul Soul on Victoria St @ Tuesday, November 14, 2017

Monday 25th September

We stumbled upon 'Seoul Soul' on my list, we came across it while having adventures (for me, not him) with H, but have yet to return till now. It could have been a place on the list for years, but we made it within the same year of discovery!

Located on Victoria St next to Safeway & Aldi, it was easy to get to on the 109 Box Hill tram, though not in an area I'd go to alone at night. 

A narrow restaurant with bar seats at the front and reflective silver commercial kitchen x bbq-style tables inside, it was a small space indeed. Bar stools that turn, with not much room for coats and bags.

Korean Black Bean Soy Milk $4.5 & Korean Grape Juice with Coconut Jelly (Coco Palm) $4

Tastes a bit like candy, I like it! Though couldn't really taste the coconut, 
as it was more for texture. Serving was small though. 

Beef Bulgogi Dosirak (Spicy) $14

Mandarin dressing, salad mix, onion, zucchini, green bean and carrot. Comes with rice.

He said it was really good. As in he's coming back for this dish.

Assorted Mushroom Dosirak (GF) $16
Mandarin dressing, mix salad, king oyster mushroom, simeji and sitake. Comes with rice.

A lukewarm samosa and potato mashy croquet, perfect fried started as entree before devouring a bucket (it's half full btw). I love mushrooms! Meaty, juicy they were pretty awesome. The rice came with a sauce underneath so you need to mix it up, I love white rice. Though found the sauce a bit salty, maybe less sauce next time. 

The salad was small and fresh, and the mandarin dressing too it to the next level! It's like when you use yuzu instead of lime and it just adds something amazing.

At $16 it's an average eat rather than a cheap eat, it's on the lunch menu for $13! 

 Service was quick and friendly, and jas says don't use the bathroom here. 

We're excited about returning for a weekday lunch! 
The meal buckets are $11-14 then, a couple dollars cheaper. 

Where do you like to go for Korean?

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