Local Eats - Samurai, Glenferrie @ Thursday, November 23, 2017

Friday 19th May 

Samurai is the most popular place for Japanese (fusion) on Glenferrie Rd, within close proximity of Swinburne, buzzing with high school students, college kids and suits during lunch service. 

Samurai is the furthest I've ever ventured down Glenferrie Rd, west or east I'm not sure. With seats upstairs and down it's always busy and packed during the lunch peak. Not really sure where coats are meant to go as it's winter, but dinning for one has its perks.  

Weekday lunch $10 dish of the day was katsu curry, we'll be back for lunch. Though today we're after sushi, $14 sushi x sashimi box for dinner. After two days of highly processed treats we need sushi, salad and fresh fruit.

It's a 15min wait with few others outside waiting too. I do believe there's more seats upstairs (red seats, scroll for pictures).

How was it? My sushi had shredded carrot and lettuce... that's not real sushi, it's fusion food made for white people (yes like me, but I prefer more authentic sushi, and have never been to Japan nor will I compare it with my experiences over there). The sashimi was fresh and wonderful though. Can't wait to return for a weekday lunch!

Thursday 29th June

Finally we had a chance to lunch at Samurai and actually sit down, life on the go is anything but slow, especially near an express station to the city. 

Miso Soup $2.50 (Doesn't come with the bento)

Teriyaki Chicken Bento $13

Served with a lid, it was like opening a treasure box, I love a sit down lunch. The gyoza was juicy and the octopus ball creamy. It was delicious! We were stuffed, as we also had a miso. The chicken was a bit sweet but still I'd recommend it. Loved the whole bento, it was great value at $13 every bite had flavour and there's both salad and a little something deep fried.

Service was friendly and fast especially as it got very busy very quickly. 
Though the table was sticky as they don't wipe in between patrons.

Sushi Bento $15

During another week we returned lunch. We've yet to get the $9.50 lunch set, it seems to be a curry each time we're here.

Soba noodles, overcooked. Way too soft. Love the seaweed salad. 
Wouldn't get this again. Nope.  

One day the lunch special was the katsu curry chicken which was good, but nothing amazing. As you can see we had takeaway, rice, curry and miso are the round boxes.

Monday 9th October

Since our last visit we've moved houses, though we're back!

Lunch Special of the Day - Teriyaki Chicken with Miso $9.50

The lunch special of the day was teriyaki chicken with miso. I also ordered a shake.

The teriyaki chicken was a little salty swimming in the sauce. Reminds me of the bottled sauce, as while this is jap I see it as more fusion for the locals like with lettuce and carrot in sushi. Probs wouldn't get it again.

The green tea shake $4.50 was a dessert and at a good price. 

Needs to be blended more, the ice cream and milk. I'd definitely get that again.

We was amazed that they close at 3pm but you could still eat in at 2.55pm. Half the place was full at 2.30pm. At 3pm they close the shop for the staff's lunch. Yes they're actually japs. Always good to see the chef eating what they cook.

I have a bizarre fear, not a fear but inkling of mistrust in general of those who don't eat the food they serve. It comes from mother's friend's restaurant. They wouldn't eat what they serve, and use a completely different set of pots/pans and ingredients for themselves... fortunately that's not the case here. 

Seating upstairs.

Service is always quick and friendly here. They do takeaway.
Card min, is $20 but they do a charge of 50c if the bill is less than that.

Where do you like to lunch in Glenferrie?

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