A Week of Eats @ Friday, November 24, 2017

Tuesday 10th October

Kiwi Legend $12 (8 pieces)
Avocado, cream cheese, pickles, teriyaki chicken, kiwi fruit, 
pineapple, sweet chili sauce, chili mayo, wasabi, bread crumbs. 

Lunch at Bruce Lee Sushi. Deluxe sushi! Very friendly service from the guy making sushi. Open till 4.30 this is rare for a lunch spot. Been meaning to lunch here for ages, but I'm more of a dinner person. Review coming soon.

Creamy and crunchy. Huge serving packed full of toppings.
Needs more pineapple. No need for soy sauce.

This is deluxe sushi at cheap eats price, with most menu items being less than $12. Delicious with very friendly service! We can't wait to return.


Dinner at Lona, Spanish Fusion Tapas. Not single friendly, there's a bar, restaurant and garden (cement). Back of the restaurant is a wind tunnel from the back to kitchen, and it smells like oil.


Dinner at the Swiss Club. Its always been on the list, fondue for two.


Sushi at Yoyogi, they're Chinese... Freud says it's racist. Actually no it's like taking someone's else's recipe and selling their grandma's cookies when you're not even friends
It was 8-ish good though nothing amazing. Felt too pedestrian like your average Chinese place...


Lunch on the go from Bun Bun Bakery, parking sucks. Cash only.

A Show at the Recital Center. 

Dinner from Flora.


Heaps Cook Event by The Young Food Movement
Toasties Workshop. Four station including dessert, gourmet at home and leftovers.
A Tip on Textures - Soft, Crunch, Chewy

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