Ticking Off - Freakshakes & Macaron Workshops @ Thursday, November 30, 2017

Tuesday 17th Oct

Lunch at Ashy's (review coming up next) before a trip to the city! Safeway had a cookies and cakes sale, so we got some macarons and that bannoffee tart/pie I've been meaning to try. Mother ate the pie saying she's saving me from getting fatter... ffs. And people want to know why I don't want to live here.

Dinner at Three One 2 One, arriving at 7.45pm they were closing in 15mins?!! Turns out they only had 7 buns left and declared sold out. Why are there no salads on the menu?? So I pick a toastie. All the details coming up soon, this is the usual weekly pre-cap. We're here for that freakshake! 

Our first mega freakshake! Team effort required to finish it. There's a Belgian waffle, donut and choc wafer in there among many scoops of ice cream and an ice cream cookie! This is the most food pornographic thing I've ever had XD 


Lights, mirrors, angles and lighting design all contributed to an amazing dance show this afternoon at 'Tree of Codes' at the State Theatre!

Lunching by the fountains. Sashimi from Sushi Monger. It's less in quantity compared to DonDon, but more variety and comes with mushrooms, egg and kewpie mayo. They're only open for weekday lunches and definitively worth a try or three!

Got some stuff done before tramming to dance, dinner on the way. 

B7 Terriyaki Tofu - The predominant flavour is salty. Unremarkable. 


Of course we're running late. Vampire diaries till 4am turned out to be a bad idea... not that keen on 9am events with limited parking anyway...

Lunch at Viet Star. Meetings then off to the City.

Tonight's Show - 7 Pleasures 


Work and dinner. That chicken salad at fonda is still the bomb! At $16 it's not a cheap eat but so worth it. All the textures and flavours it's in my top 5 list. And the chicken isn't an extra cost.


Up north for a macaron workshop! It was a great workshop, though time management could use improvement. Last week we did toasties/sandwich press and we've done cupcakes, and an express cookie deco one (still can't believe the recipe she gave us didn't work) and now macarons. 

You can find the recipie and video online, but nothing beats doing it irl and having someone correct you and show you along the way. Alas I didn't participate as much as I'd like, as the idea was to do two batches, but due to time that didn't happen, so I didn't get to pipe the cookie part, which is one of my major struggles. But I did take plenty of notes 12pgs of an A6 book, so 3pgs A4. Of the recipie, and tips.

Exploring Kensington they have those long houses but these ones are slightly set back and up some steps. All packed together still. There was a two story on its own, and I had an absolute favourite!

- missing picture - 

Dinner at Bar Napoli was fairly average.
Expensive but average. Skip. Though service was fast and friendly

Compares to the salad yesterday this really wasn't a good deal but it was what I was craving


NY Corned Beef
Corned beef silverside, zucchini pickle, provolone cheese, 
mayo, watercress, sliced wholemeal sourdough

Lunch from Earl Canteen, after 5pm all the sandwiches are $5 (normally $10, city standard)! Around 6.30pm there were two options left, one was the NY Corned Beef.

It was quite good, the fillings, a light lunch though healthy option. I can't say if the bread was dry or not, because I ate half last night and was too lazy to ziplock it, causing the bread to dry out...

As a part of my diet (sorta for weight but mostly for staying alive) I need to have a salad or sandwich everyday, so you'll be seeing a lot more of those. 

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