Harry Potter Marathon Weekend @ Sunday, December 10, 2017

Saturday 4th Nov

Of course we're running late. Would it be us if we weren't? The bus comes hourly and there are no trams. The marathon at the Astor started at 11am, but we didn't get there till the afternoon.

Windsor. So many op shops! Fortunately I can't enter with so many bags. So we only went to one. Mecca. A favourite for cheap books. The ones I bought were $2. The red op shops are 5.25 each even the Ashburton one these days (used to be a favourite).

We came upon some old Cristina re stock $1 each!! Op shops are the place to go for fancy paper - if you get lucky. Hello wedding invites for 20. I completely forgot about the hat I came in to look at...

Pasta Bar - Chicken Pesto Penne with Mushrooms $20.

Takeaway lunch from pasta bar $20. Idk why pasta is not a cheap eat... yes I know it is at home but we don't have a kitchen ("renovating" for life). Service was very friendly. What did this place use to be? A house she thinks. With a human sized fireplace? It really does look like one. The pasta was a bit oily but good. Probs wouldn't get it again unless desperate.

Finally we made it to the movie theatre, though I didn't take many pictures... no idea why. But I was posting memes, quotes and other things on instagram during the event.

8pm Dinner break at Fonda, where the tables are as sticky as the floor at a club...
We need lime for tacos, also granny smith matchsticks for the fish taco to be amazing.

The chicken salad was pretty good as always but needs lime and dressing. Not enough dressing.

Back to the movies we stayed till the camping one (missing a wedding and tragic but heroic death of Dobby) where we went home for breakfast and shower. Then back for the last movie. 

So sad we lost three on the team, the most devastating was George. Was Luna even in the final battle? She wasn't even dirty. Neville got his hero moments, he developed so much from the first movie. In the books there's a part where Harry discovers Neville could have been him, as in be chosen and marked as the one by Voldy, but they completely skipped that in the movie.

Snape's story is still the most surprising and tragic. As tragic as the fact that he only had two costumes and one outfit was being dressed as Neville's grandma.

RIP to all the actors who have died (in real life) since the movie. 
Especially the first and best Dumbledore. 

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