Saturday 21st October 2017

Up north for a macaron workshop! Last week we did toasties/sandwich press and we've done cupcakes, and an express cookie deco one (still can't believe the recipe she gave us didn't work) and now macarons. 

Time management needs improvement. We were going to do two batches so I used round 1 to update notes, ran out of time so I didn't get to practice the shells, as the class was split into two groups and I'd thought I'd watch first.

It was a great workshop which we enjoyed. Vy went through how-to make the shell and ganche, and we got to make it. She first did a demo then it was our turn. Lots of tips and trouble shooting along the way. Much much more complex than cupcakes, you need to take it slow. And you can freeze them for 3 months (assembled)!

You can find the recipe and video online, but nothing beats doing it irl and having someone correct you and show you along the way. Alas I didn't participate as much as I'd like, as the idea was to do two batches, but due to time that didn't happen, so I didn't get to pipe the cookie part, which is one of my major struggles. But I did take plenty of notes 12pgs of an A6 book, so 3pgs A4. of the recipe, and tips. 

- No I haven't attempted them or baked at all since March 2017, as we moved houses and don't have a kitchen, let along an oven. Living life out of a box eagerly awaiting the next move.

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