Saturday Brunch @ Sardi @ Friday, June 15, 2018

Saturday 9th June
Charlie & Co. dined as guests.

Located just around the bend from Hawthorne Bridge is Sardi, it's strange to write about a place I've actually been to before been invited to dine there, as it's quite rare. We actually discovered Sardi through Liven last year, and it's practically at the end (top end) of our street, opposite a park that leads down to the banks of the Yarra. Unlike most cafes it's in a residential area, so there's plenty of parking and lovely place to grab a bite after a morning stroll. 

The pictures with the rounded edges were taken in April 2017, and show that the place while ownership has changed, retains the charms and friendly vibes of a neighborhood cafe. Though there's the addition of the blackboard wall feature.

79Tu Golden Latte

Brunching at Sardi on a beautiful Saturday, we had the '79Tu Golden Latte' aka turmeric latte. It does taste like turmeric! I don't like it personally but everything tastes fine with enough sugar. Andy liked it though. It's like matcha, not everyone likes it, though not something too crazy like Vegemite XD. Oh and it comes in 'Original, Cacao or Green Tea Infused'.

The Back Room - But with less chairs than when we were there.

It's possible that this dish is the 'Roasted Pumpkin Fritters' with 
pepitas, cashew cream, pickled pumpkin, spinach and poached egg.

Vegetarian Eggs Benedict
Poached eggs on sourdough, with apple cider 
hollandaise, spinach and avo (veg) or pulled pork

Chili Folded Eggs
With cayenne chili, bacon, chorizo, mushrooms, 
Parmesan and rocket salad on sourdough 

Sweet Potato Fries with Avo Salsa & Aioli

Breaky Board
Smashed avo with poached egg, mini granola 
and almond milk, paleo brownie & small OJ

I had this last time, though it has changed a little since then.

Buffalo Chicken Burger
Lettuce, tomato, aioli, Buffalo sauce on brioche & sweet potato fries

Chocolate Waffles (Specials Menu)
Double chocolate waffles served with copious amounts of 
cookies & cream ice cream and fresh berries

Brioche French Toast
with mascarprone, poached pear, salted caramel sauce, fresh berries

Red Velvet Pancakes (gf + vegan optional)
with passionfruit and blueberry compote & vegan vanilla coconut ice cream 

The pancakes were pretty good, with the fresh blueberries, freeze dried strawberries and passionfruit which added zing. While it wasn't dry it could use cream. It was beautiful though.

You could get this one gluten-free or vegan too, but I had the normal and it came with a vegan coconut ice cream - I'm not sure if you can call it that if it doesn't actually have cream. It was kinda watery... And didn't look like I've cream, also melts at a slower rate. Would have preferred real ice cream.  

Overall a cute neighbour cafe with trendy dishes as well as nourishing ones.
With easy parking, close to the trams and a stroll in the park, down to the Yarra.

We'll be back for the french toast!

Sardi Menu, Reviews, Photos, Location and Info - Zomato

Brunching @ Aunt Billies (Blackburn) @ Saturday, June 09, 2018

Saturday 2nd June
Charlie & Co. dined as guests.

How exciting it is when brunch comes to the suburbs, those without tram lines! For years it seemed something of inner suburbs, with limited parking, but here comes Aunt Billies. Located just off Whitehorse Rd, with plenty of parking. Also an easy walk from the station on a sunny morning. 

With a modern interior with airy ceilings, and a trendy vibe it's nothing like no other cafes in the area, one of the very first brunchy places in the area. It was a lovely day and there's outdoor seating too in a no smoking dog friendly under cover area, if you'd like some air. 

We started off with coffee as we pondered what to order, sweet or savory? Classic or something different? At Aunt Billies the menu changes regularly and features a fusion of Modern Australian and Middle Eastern food.

This could be a pimped up version of the eggs benedict, but I shall find out. 

Vegetarian Mediterranean 
Poached eggs with falafel (or sujuk sausage, non-veg option), grilled haloumi, 
ful meddenes, roasted cherry tomatoes, labness and zatar flatbread

Kabsee Chicken 
with warm roasted beetroot, dutch carrot & black 
barley salad, lemon yoghurt and crushed pinenuts

Veggie Billie
Roasted pumpkin and califlower with falafel, feta, chilli, beetroot hummus, 
pinenut dukkah topped with poached eggs on dark rye sourdough

Open Souv
Pressed lamb shoulder w harissa yoghurt, mint taboulhi, pickled 
turnip finished with a pomegranate dressing on grilled flatbread

Everything looks amazing! So fresh and vibrant, full of colour and flavour. 

This is what the girls (and one guy) ordered. We've also ordered desserts to share.

Surrey Mushrooms
Mixed mushrooms and spinach with crispy polenta, buffalo mozzarella, 
basil pesto and poached eggs // + smoked salmon + haloumi

I personally ordered the mushroom dish (my go to) with a side of smoked salmon and haloumi, though really it's a pretty filling dish, a big breakfast on its own. The classic big breakfast dish isn't on the menu, though quite a few dishes could be that, including this one; where a bunch of great things like eggs (always poached) and mushrooms are combined to create a platter of a dish. 

The flavours were subtle, though the basil pesto added something, textures hit the holy trinity of soft, crunchy and chewy. I would have liked to add a sauce, dip or avocado to make it less dry (not that it's dry, I can't seem to find the word for it - but you know a milkshake would work too). Overall a great selection of brunchy things we love, that's pretty healthy too.

Love the way everything is plated. 

Dulce de Leche Hotcakes
Fluffy hotcakes with deep fried cinnamon banana, honeycomb, chocolate 
sauce, hazelnut praline finished with a house made dulce de leche

For dessert we shared some beautiful dulce le leche* hotcakes, thick and fluffy layered with more of that rich creamy caramel-like (but better) sauce with interesting styling, that's a banana fritter by the way (the log). Personally I'd cover that up with lots of sauce and plant a garden over it. XD I love brunching in groups, as going solo you can't really order dessert to share.

*Caramel is made with a base of water, heavy whipping cream, sugar, and butter. Dulce de leche is a base of milk, sugar, and sometimes cinnamon. Dulce de leche is commonly made with condensed milk and simmered for hours, while caramel is a reduced mixture of water and sugar with the addition of cream and butter.

Espresso Panacotta
Hazelnut and cacao granola with caramelized white 
chocolate, burnt orange caramel and vanilla meringue

Panacotta is great, but for brunch? Add espresso and it's now perfect for breakfast! Dessert before dinner. If you're still thinking about that affogato last night, this is the one for you, it packs quite the punch! Not sure about the granola though... it's a bit dry and doesn't work for us. I'd prefer a chocolate crumb or without, and plate it with rings of that orange caramel sauce.

Brunching at Aunt Billies is perfect if you're out in the suburbs and driving (and looking for parking), no longer do you have to travel to Camberwell for brunch if you're in the South East side. There's something for everyone here it's not your regular brunch spot, with that middle eastern fusion, adding a twist to your dish!

For coffee lovers you'll be pleased to know Aunt Billies serves St Ali's. And if you're on the go there's plenty of cookies, and beautiful crumblessly flawless cakes from Little Bertha.

What's your go to dish for brunch, or do you pick something different each time?

More importantly, do you too always get dessert to share?

Aunt Billies Cafe Menu, Reviews, Photos, Location and Info - Zomato

Open Everyday from 7am - 4pm 
184 Surrey Rd, Blackburn 
Near Blackburn Station 

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