Local Eats - Sardi Cafe @ Sunday, April 30, 2017

Friday 21st April

Turns out I'm 1km from Sardi Cafe! It's at the end of my street and around the corner, though uphill so we trammed it. While I have never heard of this place according to the chats it's a very popular lunch spot in a residential area (there is nothing but houses around, like the ascot food store). Highly sort after made popular by bloggers as they were all invited to dine there. That is how you attract attention, though it doesn't impress me. 

At 1pm on a Friday the place was bustling and full, business meetings, the office cafe and locals dropping by for a coffee. And us dropping by in between meetings.

Brekky Board $17.5 (+$2 for matcha latte upgrade) = $20
granola parfait, croissant w. jam, pea & haloumi fritter w poached egg & coffee 

Gosh I don't know what to order being not a breakfast person, I want the choc dip waffles for food porn, but it's something that feeds the eye and not much else. In hindsight I want the 'Banana Bread French Toast w. mascarpone, maple roasted pears, salted caramel & almond crumble 16.' but still recovering from surgery my brain is fried. We after the waitress for recommendations, granola wasn't a good idea. Soft white bread dipped in cheese with avo was more what I was after (but obviously didn't occur to me at the time). 

Matcha Green Tea Latte $4.50

We went for the signature matcha latte, I like my drinks like my men, not bitter and very sweet. Prominent matcha, creamy and perfect after a couple tablespoons of sugar, though it leaves me wondering how palm sugar would go, or condense milk. It's quite strong, much more than the blendy sticks. 

There's an extensive brunch time drinks menu with all the teas/coffees/juices/smoothies and shakes! Still no coconut water though.

Pea & haloumi fritters w poached egg - The fritter with the perfect size for a sliders with beautiful yolk porn! Good though missing that special something, perhaps onion relish? It was a bit ordinary.

Yolk Porn!

SARDI Granola - oats, buckinis, sunflower seeds, flaxseeds, coconut flakes, hazelnuts & almonds toasted in coconut oil & honey W. coconut yoghurt & rhubarb compote  

The parfait was better with all the textures, flavours and jazz sweetened with dried fruit. Dry almonds. It was quite a workout for my jaw, not recommended a week after dental surgery. If you like granola I'd definitely recommend this.  I've never actually had fancy hamster bedding granola before, though aren't a fan.

Lastly for lunch dessert/a sweet treat we had a mini croissant, so cute! Served with strawberry jam I'd like to add some cream too. I couldn't figure out how to slice it in half as it was so soft flaky pastry and a bit on the oily side.

While the space is quite small especially for how popular they are, there's more seats in the back. I'd imagine there would be lines on the weekend. 

Overall it was good though nothing amazing, no rush. Unless you're here for those choc dip waffles which would be doughy like the American/Belgian ones rather than my preferred light and crispy from Black Ball.

Note - Kitchen closes at 3pm

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