Back from Dental Rehab. @ Friday, April 28, 2017

Friday 21st April

We're back! Sorta, Day 8 if I drop something on the floor its gone, I can't look up or down. It hurts. But not enough to stop us from going out for brunch! Though brunch turns out to be lunch, as we fluffed about (a specialty). I wasn't planning to go to the city but we were summoned.

Turns out I'm 1km from Sardi Cafe!  It's at the end of my street and around the corner, though uphill so we trammed it, and on the way came across an olive tree, fijoa and a beautiful fence detail. Across the street from the cafe is a warehousey house with a front yard full of fruit trees.

Brunching. Muesli was a bad idea...
Is that an olive tree?

Back to the house to pick up my certificate in a gold cylinder then of to job interview I epically failed. There was a panel of 3 and the questions were hard... over to MRP we picked up a plain white night dress, for an art project. Down to Fed Sq for a free tuna toastie, yum! It was dark and I had a lot of bags, pictures didn't happen. Back up to Lindt, there isn't anything but filled choc eggs at lindt, they're very good though at $1 each, the white choc is less sweet than usual. 

Back to the house by 7pm, the shortest city trip we've had! We were going to make cake when we when we had an episode. I felt as if sparks could fly out from my finger tips with blind range. Someone had stolen my egg! It was the last egg required for the cake!

And that is how we ended up having dinner at 11pm, and making cake at 1am. 

Met up with bio guy for a dinner at 10pm (on a Friday) though almost everyone was closed except grill'd in the small town! We sneaked through the door minutes before the sign was flipped, and were lucky to order takeaway. Curry Camp closes at 9.30pm almost always - so early for me! But fine for a small town. 

Bio guy made cake, it failed as the mixture separated into two layers instead of the one. This time we didn't line the tin on the sides and that worked out quite well, in that the sides didn't fold in.


$7 of Fruit

To market we went, probably not worth it unless you plan to buy lots or just happen to be in the area though. We sat back and observed the pros do it. Bought 7 lady finger bananas for $2 and 3 boxes of figs (pretty good ones, a mix of B & C grade) for $5! We stalked them as they were 2 for $5 at first. There was lots of green stuff and mushrooms and apples sold by the bag. 

Bio guy is ridiculus, and has a distain (not fear) of trams so we took quite a hike to dinner, while rejuvinanted him. Like a dog he'd do anyything for food. There isn't much more to him than food and video games. *sigh*

We ordered a meal to share, chicken, chips and salad. Everything was delicious! This was at Kuku Mama, which we love to visit on Tuesdays before a movie, though today is Saturday.

Train and bus to Monash, we made it! 6.30pm Windsor to 7.30pm Monash Clayton. The HMS pinafore was well worth the trip! Yes I've seen it before but this is a show I'd like to see every time it comes to town.
Seated in the 5th row center I was close enough to hear the swishing of the beads and see frown lines. When it comes to shows the seats at the front where you can see all the details are the best!

Daniel's Doughnuts located near Spotlight is open 24/7! Part of the not so trendy towns being more upcoming, like GW. $3 donuts we shared the salted caramel which wasn't anywhere near as sweet as expected! And the custard with a fake lemon myrtle taste. Light and fluffy these are true donuts. 

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