Friday 21st April

Met up with bio guy for a dinner at 10pm though almost everyone was closed except grill'd in the small town! And this was a Friday Night. We slipped through the door minutes before the sign was flipped, and were lucky to order takeaway. Curry Camp closes at 9.30pm almost always - so early for me! But fine for a small town I suppose. 

For two we were looked at the $22pp banquet (eat in) or deal 1 from the special [takeaway] offers. Deal 1 serves two while the 2nd is for a family of four. Scroll down to the bottom of this post to see the menu.

Deal 1 - Serves Two $32
2x - samosa, chicken tikka, pappadum
1x - veg curry, non-veg curry
with rice, raita, chutney

Samosa - A deep fried parcels of puff pastry that held spiced potatoes and peas within.

This certainly counts as one veg serving!

Chicken Tikka

I picked no.11 butter chicken, my favourite indian dish, as always it was consistent and not hot - at Curry Camp that is. Andy said it was yummy, and came back for lunch. 

Bio guy picked no.40 vegetable Dhansak: mixed lentils cooked with seasonal vegetables (brocolli), herbs and spices. It was hot!! I'm out, bio guy specialized in vegetarian food that contains lentils. He loved it, stating it was a pleasantly stimulating heat, medium heat and on par with our favourite dish at kopan (as in ranks in top choice eat in town). It's his new favourite indian dish and he normally gets the Rogan Josh. 

Why is the naan and samosas on a baking tray? We warmed it up in the oven as we ordered takeaway. In hindsight we should have done the papadums too, as they were a bit stale from being steamed by the other dishes.

A take away set for two from our favorite and local Indian. Cheap and delicious, $16pp for entrees and main. 

Service was great as always, and we highly recommend Curry Camp. It doesn't seem popular but is, as most people get takeaway and ubereats.

Check out our other visits here. There's also a bit of a comparison on the take-away vs eat in offer for the banquet, with menus in the picture above.

Do you have a go to Indian place? What do you always order?

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