Cheap Tuesdays @ Kuku Mama @ Thursday, May 04, 2017

Saturday 21st April

Since our last visit in February, hoo-haa-bar/kuku mama has turned out hard to find as the sign says yoga and it's not clear, unlike last time. Though this time we were delightfully seated at a well lit booth with ample space - there are people who need to shower twice a day or just use deodorant! (But refuse to, not aware of their own stench.) Yes all my friends are varying levels of special (except jas, but his alter ego is trying to sabotage me).

Stopping for a quick dinner before a show far far away, 
we ordered a meal to share: chicken, chips and a salad.

Sweet potato & kale salad, jalapeno, black bean, pickled onion, coriander $8

A salad combo we've yet to have (kale, I don't use it ever) it was very light on an oil dressing, but perfect with the herbed honey from the chicken. The leaves were very big though and so all the other ingredients fell to the bottom, need to be cut up more, and also I'd like to have added feta. 

Crispy five-spice chicken, chilli caramel (Full) $21

Crispy skinned chicken, lightly spiced with a herbed honey sauce that looks like sweet chilli. Delicious! Best served with a salad for a fresh contrast.

Fries, aioli  $5

The chips were shoestring fries (they do have the thick crinkle cut if you prefer) and light and wonderful, except towards the end where the fries at the bottom were much oily. I forgot to ask for tomato sauce... 

The bill came to $5/2.50pp, as I used my birthday offer for a free main and side (salad).

Service was very friendly and quick! It was only about 10 minutes between ordering and when the dish hit the table. Bio guy predicted longer, as at home it takes 40 mins+.

Tuesday 2nd May

A pre-show/movie dinner at Kuku Mama, yes we were here just a couple weeks ago, this is our third visit this year. This time the show is actually close by, a movie at the Astor called for an early dinner.

Seated at a booth we've got the best lighting.

What we ordered: two entrees, two salads/veggie dishes, and chicken.

Mac and Cheese Bites $7

Delightful bites of mac and cheese with a tomato chutney!

Chicken wings, Szechuana chilli salt, bootleg sauce $10

A winner last time, it was oilier than I recall but otherwise quite good.

A corn salad ($9) with paramesen and a American cheese sauce, baby corn and char-grilled corn on the cob, though in slices it was impossible to eat with a knife and fork! Yummy though hard to eat, goes well with the chicken wings. At $9 this one isn't worth it.

Crispy five-spice chicken, chilli caramel (Half) $15

Oilier than last time we believe that the Saturday chef isn't the one on tonight. As the food doesn't seem to be as good, and a bit oilier. Our last visit was amazing. See the sauce, it doesn't have any herbs this time.

Sweet potato & kale salad, jalapeno, black bean, pickled onion, coriander $8

Leaves are still too big, I love it with the honey dressing from the chicken while my +1 preferred to have it plain with the chicken.

Plenty of seats on a Tuesday night, from private booths to communal tables and a fake garden where you can smoke your way to contentment. I'm amazed that smokers have taste buds actually.

The food was delicious and well worth the price. The total came $50 for the two of us, though through Dimmi we had a 50% cheap Tuesday offer and paid $25, so $12.50 per person for entrees and main/sides, no dessert (separate menu) and drinks.

Have you been to KuKu Mama? Do you cash in on those weekday dinning offers?

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