Goodbye April @ Friday, May 05, 2017

Thursday 27th April

Lunch at Miss Korea.

We made pavlova! It was huge! I think I might just do 1/3 or 1/4 next time, it was fun and easy too. It was however too sweet, as things tend to be when you ate most of it on your own :P It was also absolutely nothing like the one from my favourite cake shop...


At 9am I was up and ready for the day, by 11am I was back in bed, sleepy/tired? Nope. But I was in pain as I missed my appointment the other day crashing from drama (egg drama). Yes my brain was fried. Update - Egg drama continues for another month or so, and doesn't end till May does.

Yes I will do recaps, funny ones. This moment was one of the best take downs.

It's a Friday night not during a festival and so we're binge-ing on the Empress of China at home and staying in, as we're working at 7am tomorrow. Not wanting to be away from the tv for too long it's the perfect time to try Feastively.

Quick and easy, also delicious kits! Keeping it real, I mostly eat from boxes not plates. 


A weekend working at Supernova, we saw all the things! Not panels or celebs though. Was disappointing to see a lack of Tudor cosplays. 

A night at the theatre, RENT aka everyone's got aids! A production by x set on the open space at the top of the ath stairs. The space, open plan with audience on the side, though the best seats are on stage! Which gives the viewer the experience of being within the room where the action is happening. The multi-functional space means that multiple things can be happening at once which could be a bit confusing, also the set up means actors sometimes have their back to the audience. A big studio, bohemian NYC style typically of the 90s, with a side bar!

Roger our main man has muscles as professional actors do, and everyone would have been eager to visit the gym as there's plenty of lingerie from Mimi's corner. Maureen outrageously out there sports a lovely red bondage style bra from Honey Birdette. While the dancers often were miss-matched with no taste and looked like hookers.

Adult gestures and innuendos were quite entertaining. No I don't know anyone who would participate in this behavior in real life. I'm sure there's people out there who do though. XD

They may be students but this is one of the best performances of a musical we've seen. With big numbers, an enthusiastic cast and almost perfectly clear notes hit at the right time bring together an unmissable musical!

Walker's Doughnuts - The guy was friendly though slow while the manager was not so friendly, perhaps it was because we had a Groupon. In hindsight it was a saving of like 50c, not worth the hassle. Donuts were good though average and needs more jam, while the hot chocolate was made with a powder and pedestrian. 


Dinner at Hem27 - Close to work and delicious! Vietnamese food is one of my favourite cuisines that we don't have too often sadly, due to potential hygiene issues. I don't feel comfortable at casual/sloppy dressed waiter places.

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