Tuesday 2nd May

A pre-show dinner at Kuku Mama, yes we were here just a couple weeks ago, this is our third visit this year. Seated at a booth we've got the best lighting. The food was delicious and well worth the price. The total came $50 for the two of us, though through dimmi we had a 50% cheap Tuesday offer and paid  $25.

Viceroy's House. A country divided into two. The creation of parkistan for muslims.
A story of upstairs and downstairs. Upstairs are the British reps, lord graham without his right hand man Carson. They're deeply invested in the future of the country as any leader ought to be, to be qualified for the job. Dumbledore is there. Though he died long ago. So is Ghandi and that guy that I swear is in every British movie, that or he's in fashion for the era.

It was sad with a happy ending for one guy. Sorta. But I liked it. Is it a movie I'd go see without an incentive? No, because there's many riots and you see the poor suffering and I'm one who looks the other way. But I did like the main characters, the wife who wants to make India a better place, the family who goes out into the streets to help the people without fear of being caught up in the violence and fear of assassination. They're brave and perhaps noble.

I'd definitely recommend the movie if it's your thing.

Behind the scenes pictures of everyone dying from the heat are hilarious XD

The main Indian guy was also the lead in The Hundred-Foot Journey (2014)His girl's father actually played his father in the same movie! In VH he dies, though the actor did died this year from a heart attack. :(

Here's the soundtrack.


Wednesday saw us take an unplanned trip to the theatre, well planned later than I normally do. Earlier that week I was looking up a concert and discovered Bell Shakespeare was performing Richard III, which I've yet to see. Thanks to tixatsix it was affordable at $30, though I see tickets start from $40 anyway.

It was amazing! Characters stayed in character the entire time and the confidence and overly conceded Richard was entertaining, while watching him manipulate the other chess pieces, the audience loved her/him and we loved to judge him.

It was quite something to see the story told by Lancaster, with many parts changed. As we've read the White Queen series, which is for York, and the Red Queen, for Lancaster which ends with Henry the 7th being crowded, though she was away from court and it was just her overly religious and weird perspective. Still love that her second husband/partner gives it to her straight, women you seem to think your will is God's will. XD

History is write by the victors. And it was, Lancaster won, the Tudor Era lasted three generations, with five kings and queens, with Henry 6th bring the most well known after his daughter Elizabeth the first. Written by Shakespeare the play favored Lancaster and made Richard to seem more villainous and pathetic then the truth was. E.g. they discovered he had scoliosis but he was no hunch back nor did he have a strange arm posture that made him look like he had downs.

With a 6.30 show we squeezed in dinner while in line, yes in between buying the tickets and seeing the play. Takeaway from the Burger Project at Melb Central. 


The day started with a visit to the dentist for a check up. Week three and it still hurts a little, just on the left bottom from absolutely any kind of movement. Inflamed, take neurophine he says, also need to stretch. I struggled to eat that burger yesterday, and crunchy is still a no go zone.

Lunch at Breizoz Creperie in Fitzroy to complete the review. We've been meaning to come back for years, two perhaps.

After lunch we spent the afternoon shopping and ended up buying things we didn't need mainly, and a skirt. Most of the stuff I like weren't my size, so we saved a lot there. Main purchase was a $50 wool circle skirt. We also scored a set of cutty things for $3 from Target.    
Kopan's Bipmap. Ordinary. Like fried rice but oily. While I'm glad to try something new it's the udon that we love $16. This was a waste of carbs.

Lately we've been housebound and watching Ouran High School Host Club!

For the past few (maybe four?) days we've been fully absorbed in Ouran High School Host Club! Sure it's 10yrs old but it's so awesome! We love Tomaki!! It's an easy to watch series with only 26 episodes some did it in a day. I suggested it to a friend, ok just sent the funny parts, and he ended up finishing it before me!  We're so sad it's over!! It barely even begun as the last series I watched was 75 episodes (I've paused around 70, because things are changing too fast).

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