Saturday 14th July
Charlie & Co. participated as guests.

Another great evening in the kitchen with Lillie, The Food Affectionist, tonight we're cooking Thai! While Lillie specializes in Asian Cooking, Thai is her favourite and in the past she's had 2-3 Thai restaurants. 

Starting off with a cucumber salad topped off with pork crackling. 

My favourite dish we made tonight has got to be the thai beef salad. 

It was sweet, sour, fresh and tangy. The textures and flavors were phenomenal! 

A green curry paste from scratch, was the base for the curry which smells amazing! Creamy and with those kaffir lime leaves top. 

I find some toothpaste brands spicy, and so we plated up some of the dish for me before adding loads of chili for everyone else - so really this class accommodates all the spicy tolerant ranges. 

We had such a fun time making our own pad thai too, tossed in a wok over a high heat, it was scary but had beautiful smokey flavors. This one I felt required the most preparation of all the dishes tonight, though no where near as much (overall as a cuisine) as much as Vietnamese or Japanese. 

Lillie's Pad Thai

My pad thai, cooked very quickly over a very high heat it was smokey and beautiful. 

Dessert was interesting, I do kinda like the water chestnuts coated in flour made into a faux pomegranate like thing. They're crunchy. Though I like the coconut jelly much more at the bottom, with the texture like the ones in bubble cup. Firmer than homemade. 

By the way, three cooking classes and only tonight did I get cut - with paper of all things in the kitchen! Like normal A4 paper the recipes were printed on. Le beau thought it was hilarious as it's totally in my fashion to get hurt in strange and ways you'd totally not expect. Like a paper cut in the kitchen.  

We've had 7 in the kitchen tonight, and Pafu assisting. 

What did we make? A green curry, cucumber salad, beef salad, pad thai and 'tub tim krob' mock pomegranate seeds with syrup and coconut milk.

Which was my favourite? The beef salad and pad thai. I swear Lillie's the Queen of Salads, whipping up amazing salads for each cuisine we create. 

The thai cooking class was the third and final one we've done with Lillie (for now) as we need to practice those new skills acquired and recreate the magic and amazing dishes at home. They're all great overall, it depends what you like, and some cuisine are more preparation (chop, dice, jubilee) intensive than others, though it's all worth it. 

Tickets are $125/100 and can be booked through Foodie Trails
The next session is in September.

We also did the Vietnamese & Japanese Cooking Classes, which were great too. My absolutely favourite? Gosh I'm not sure... I loved the salads we did in each class, and simply can't pick just one cuisine. 

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