Friday Brunch @ Shanklin Cafe @ Friday, July 13, 2018

Charlie & Co. dined as guests.
Friday 7th July

The weekend started with brunch at Shanklin, located on a strip in residential street, near Pizza Religion and just a bit less than a mile away from Camberwell Junction. We'd looked up the place and found that the name came with the building, rather than being name after cheese (source).

Housed in a Terrence house (those long houses) I'm intrigued by, though have never been inside, the lighting was pretty good with sky lights, what a great idea! Though I do wonder if the true Victorians just relied on candle and then gas lighting?

Outdoor heating makes these tables pretty desirable, this spot has the best lighting.

Airy and spacious with an exposed brick wall on one side and timber in the other, it's lovely and very inviting inside (also very warm) so we abandoned our idea to sit out front. On arrival we were offered a choice of still or sparkling water, by our equally as welcoming waiter. 

 Oreo Shake - Vanilla Ice cream, crushed oreo, whipped cream & fudge sauce

Who can resist the perfect combo of pretty and practical in a milkshake? And I just love those paper straws. Andy meanwhile had an espresso milkshake served in an old fashion very large cup, that was just right with two shots, though he still eyed my milkshake. 

It was a Friday lunch and it was buzzing, though our waiter said this was actually quiet for a Friday! In the background jazzy music played creating a cool relaxed vibe, the perfect start to the weekend.

Baked Eggs Shakshuka
With red peppers, cherry tomato, chorizo & goat cheese 
served with sourdough (vegetarian option with mushrooms).

A great balance of flavors, a tomato base with lots of herbs and textures with the crunchy buttered toast, the soft goat's cheese and eggs. Delicious and healthy without compromising taste or kale. A hearty, very filling dish, the perfect truly brunch dish. - Andy

I always love getting something different, not smashed avocado on toast and sometimes not the dessert hotcakes, but something no one else offers. The signature dish was just that.

Eggs and Shanklin 
Scrambled eggs with fresh herbs, cherry tomatoes, spring onion, 
wilted spinach and mint, + with smoked salmon on the side

Beautiful silky fluffy scrambled eggs, with herbs and feta, sprinkled with spring onion. Added freshness from the tomatoes and mint. Your veggie serving of spinach hidden beneath a blanket of egg before reaching the toast. This dish is huge!! And probably the best scrambled eggs I've had, and I went through a crazy scrambled egg craving phase.

Andy preferred the shakshuka as it has a stronger base. I really liked them both. He went into a food coma shortly after, despite the espresso 'shake.

Tempting bakery good including ginger bread men/girls in a gingerbread bus. We couldn't resist! There was also a tip trick instead of a jar. Love the pun.

Service was exceptionally attentive, knowledgeable and friendly, think fine dining. Like everyone said on zomato. We felt really well taken care of in the hour that we were there. And no our waiter didn't know we're bloggers. Can't wait to return soon!

With small side streets and limited/timed parking - we found one 2hr spot, right out front is 30mins, down a bit more 1hr. Highly recommend tramming here, especially on weekends. 

Shanklin Cafe Menu, Reviews, Photos, Location and Info - Zomato

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