Hello November - Adventures & Shows @ Thursday, August 30, 2018

Monday 6th November 2017

  • It still feels like the weekend... as we've got the day off for the football parade (it's the national sport here that happens in winter).
  • Working the parade 9am start we had lots of down time. The team was pretty cool.
  • Bad Genius was amazing! I've never seen a heist movie (or Thai) before. Highly recommended, we don't have Thai movies here, so you know it's brilliant when it makes it internationally and to mainstream cinemas. 

Wednesday 8th Nov

It took us years and years, as it's a monthly event but we finally did it, we went on the Graveyard Tour! Post coming soon. The tour guide was paranoid as that I was recording it (so I'd sell it online and no one would do her tour?) she asked if I was recording multiple times, no I'm texting people about group project stuff...ffs. 

Lunch at the college's farmers market. I have no idea why I thought they were cheap, farmer's markets that is. There's no economies of scale and it's really no different from any food truck park, except that one stall selling fruit/honey/preserves.

$11 for the deep fried things. Regret. Don't get this, they're fairly average. At 1.30 the sausage stand was closed and that's what I really wanted. There was pasta, cheese, bagel, bakery, Indian/korean?? And a few other stands, seats were rare and naturally I'm dry clean only. Would be great if they had picnic rugs. 

Dessert was a fairly average croissant with plum jam.

Being a lovely day we couldn't resist a homemade popstical.


This is our wedding venue by the way, isn't it lovely? We're having a sunset ceremony followed by dinner, under the stars (and fairy light). There's going to be floating candles and a wooden floor put in. That or an afternoon high tea affair. I kinda want to do both, a casual-esque tea (god knows nothing with me is casual XD) then a ball.

Back to the office for a nap before a meeting that went over.  Quick dash over to sushi before concert. It's it 8.30 but lines would have started at least 45mins before. We got there a bit before 8pm. At the Shrine, I love these pop-up concerts around the city. 


We got all dressed up but never made it up there, to the races. There was something I wanted to stop by but I found out you need to book when I got there. So I had to choose.

But we did have lunch at Bruce Lee Sushi, and make it to both concerts. The first was at the Dock, where we have never ventured before, but certainly shall when we have an afternoon off. 

The second wasn't great... the performer performed in her underwear and the back was see through... not all events we go to are good though the crowd loved her, I'd like my time back. 

Friday 10th Nov

  • Checking out a room, it's small and hot, also far far away from the studio. I don't really know how to get to anywhere except the city from there. There's no train in that town. 
  • Back to the city for a nap and snack before getting dinner and not going to the night market . I hate it when people change plans. I was ready.
  • Quick snack from Pho on Flinders instead.

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